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Vacation after hair transplant Thailand?

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I'm scheduled for Thailand in November. I'm wondering if I could make a "trip" out of it. I'm aware no sun, swimming, sweating (to much) etc. 

But say I took a few days in a hotel post-procedure. Could I at least walk around (wearing a loose hat) and check out Bangkok 

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Its probably better to get to thailand a few days early and have your vacation before the procedure.

After the procedure you are likely going to be sleep deprived for the first few days. 

Your post op instructions may direct you to spray saline spray on the area frequently.

Your scalp may be very itchy and mildly sore.

Not to mention your scalp will have a bunch of red scabs on it which will likely be noticeable to others

I also wouldnt risk wearing a hat (even a loose fitting one) for the first 3 days as the grafts are still getting anchored then. 

And if you cant wear a hat then all the tourist stuff is impossible for you to do sun exposure, etc. 

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@TravelPlugs have your vacation/tourist experience before the surgery

There is no reason at all you can't fly back home the day after surgery. Nonetheless, if it still makes you nervouse flying home right after surgery, staying an extra day or 2 is fine. But 1 week is way excessive

I maintain my position that you will not enjoy being a tourist/vacationing after your HT

Worst case it can adversely affect the results

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2 hours ago, TravelPlugs said:

@HappyMan2021 @Gatsby I was thinking of booking an air b and b close by for a week post-transplant just to chill/recover. I'd likely see if the clinic offers a cleaning service after a week. After that time would I be able to start walking around the town? 

Thank you for the replies! 

Just book a hotel lol. Honestly, Bangkok is super affordable

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Hello TravelPlugs,

After undergoing a hair transplant in Bangkok, there are still plenty of places you can explore, particularly department stores with air conditioning. Additionally, there are numerous cozy cafes where you can simply unwind. However, it's important to be mindful during the first few days post-transplant, as the grafts may not be fully secured to the recipient site yet.

Most of my patients struggled a bit about having enough button shirts after a hair transplant but there are lots of places that you can get cheap button shirts here. You might want to buy some before the surgery.

If you're considering a vacation after the procedure, I'd recommend waiting at least one week. In that case, heading north to destinations like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, or Maehongson might be preferable due to the cooler temperatures.  You could opt for a retreat in a forest cottage or enjoy a stay at one of the many luxurious resorts. You can also go to the South but I guess you might have to stop yourself from going into the sea 😅

Regarding Thai massage, I suggest waiting at least three days after surgery before scheduling one and informing the masseuse that you'd prefer to avoid any head massage.



Hair Transplant & Dermatologist

BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Wunny (Wipawan Vathananai)

Hair transplant surgeon & Dermatologist (ISHRS Fellowship 2022-2023)

BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand (https://www.bhiclinic.com/en/)

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