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Has anyone used Textured Powder ?

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I just came across 'Texture Powder' in a few videos.  It seems similar to Topik though I don't believe it's one in the same.

I'll post one of the Videos here if anyone is interested. The claim is it adds volume, which is exactly what I could use !

It starts at around 3:30 




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Best thing is for you to just try it yourself. There are many alternatives to this brand available for cheaply. They’re not designed specifically for men suffering from hair loss. They’re designed to add volume for anyone. The difference between texture powder and topik is that texture powders work in the hair rather than on the scalp. These powders make the hairs themselves denser, if you will. They’re widely used. My sister who has thick, gorgeous hair even uses them (many girls do). 

They also ‘hold’ the hair too, making it styled, and enabling moulding. 

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