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  1. I don't believe it works against hair loss per se, it supposedly reduces breakage, strengthens and speeds up growth. At least that's what they claim. When you were using it did you notice any of the above ?
  2. Thanks PW, I've never heard of Tretinoin, I'll have to look into that one. What are the positive effects you've noticed from using Tretinoin ?
  3. Thanks MHGA. I've heard of Vital, that and SR seem to be very popular brand names.
  4. Hi Melvin, Yes, as a supplement in powder form.
  5. I'm considering trying collagen. What are your thoughts and experiences ? And what brands have you guys found to be of best quality ? NewHare
  6. Lots of good information here, thank you. What are the growth phases and survival rates of these body hair locations ? Even if they survive, if they are 'resting' it may not make much of a difference. And how does this compare to scalp hair ?
  7. I really don't know, never grew it out. I shave clean, how is the scaring factor ? And about how much can one actually get from that region ? Just wondering if it's even worth the cost. Also why are there so few body hair doctors in the US ? They mostly seem to be overseas, is there a reason for that ?
  8. Given all that, what if anything can one do when their scalp donor is tapped out ? My early HTs were not well done and I now have a relatively thick hairline with very little behind it which looks odd. As I aged I lost more which now looks worse. Are any of these alt sources worthwhile to add density behind frontal hair ?
  9. Thats a good idea, I was considering that myself. Anyway I just saw this video were they said the problem with back hair is that it's only 'visible' 20% of the time, the rest of the time it is in telegen phase. Is this correct ? If so, that's not very promising.
  10. I see, my mistake. I thought I read most thought back hair was not a good source. What then are the deciding factors as to whether one can or can't use back hair ?
  11. What is the actual yield one can get from beard hair ? I would think it was rather low compared to other areas of the body. Too bad we can't use back hair, I'd think most guys would have a full head of hair if that were the case.
  12. I agree, for alot of us guys if we could use back hair baldness would be a thing of the past.
  13. Like some/most men I have an abundance of unwanted upper arm and back hair. Instead of shaving it off, it seems a much better option to transplant it where I need it the most. Is this at all possible ? Also what is the pecking order of body hair, from best to not so great ? And what can not be used at all ?
  14. Great results, all the best. Could you give us an update on your donor areas, in particular the neck and chest. I am tapped out head wise, so if I go forward with this I will have to use neck and chest. Did you discuss using arm hair with the doc ? Unfortunately (or maybe not) I have a lot of upper (above the elbow) hair that I'd love to get rid of. And what better way than to move where it's needed. Anyway, enjoy your new hair and look !
  15. I attached current photos taken in the last few days. This would make it 1 1/2 years since my procedure. I believe they clearly still show the harsh pluggy hairline I previously had and what the doctor did to soften, camouflage and blend it into the sides. Which I believe did little to nothing to correct my problem. I do hope this is not what I should expect if I decide to move forward with another doctor and procedure. I compare (from the side view photos) my side temple hair which appears soft and natural to the harsh rigid hairline. This tells me that this last procedure did
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