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  1. I attached current photos taken in the last few days. This would make it 1 1/2 years since my procedure. I believe they clearly still show the harsh pluggy hairline I previously had and what the doctor did to soften, camouflage and blend it into the sides. Which I believe did little to nothing to correct my problem. I do hope this is not what I should expect if I decide to move forward with another doctor and procedure. I compare (from the side view photos) my side temple hair which appears soft and natural to the harsh rigid hairline. This tells me that this last procedure did nothing to blend in and soften the hairline at all. I would think a good HT would have blended the hairline to the sides softening it to the point where you wouldn't notice a difference between the two. Am I wrong ? I would like to know what I need to do at this point to correct this situation since I find it difficult to go out in public looking like this. Which doctor(s) would best be suited to correct this ?? I am reluctant though, as this was a 'coalition' doctor I went to. I'm hoping for better next time. NH
  2. Gil, Would you mind clarifying what you meant by "you have a wide color contrast which makes the larger grafts more noticeable". Yes, the prior grafts are actually 80's style plugs. I had questioned the doctor as to if they should be 'broken up' but he felt he could camouflage/soften them by just placing grafts. Well considering I've had prior procedures I don't believe I have all that much donor hair left. I think now I may have to use what I have left to fill in the gaps left by the last procedure instead of using them to soften the plugs. Which is what I had originally set out to achieve. NH
  3. Bill, I received 1528 grafts as per the doctors paperwork. The procedure was in Jan of '16 and the photos were at the one year mark more or less. Don't recall exactly when. I will though take more photos and post them shortly. Yes I totally agree Bill, the thumbnails strangely are more representative of what my hairline actually looks like. The thumb nails are what I see when I step back and look into a mirror. I'll try to clarify. I had my first procedures in late 80's or early 90's. They used the punch plug technique. (hideous at best). Now here is what you are seeing... the "second" hairline as you said that "suddenly thickens" are the 80's plugs. The hairs in front of the plugs ( the "first hairline" as you said) are from the procedure I just had. There may be a few of my own original hairs mixed in there but the bulk are from the last procedure. So in other words, I had a thick wall of plugs (from a procedure done in the late 80's) and now the doctor in my recent procedure placed the hairs you called the 'first' hairline in front of the plugs (as well as throughout the frontal third and in the crown). However as I had said, he left gaps between the plugs from the 80's and the hairs that he recently placed that look weird and draw more attention to the plugs. When something is out of place, the eye is drawn to it. Or actually as you had mentioned it seems to look as if I have two ("first" and "second") hairlines. If I understood you correctly. Had he placed them closer to the plugs leaving no gaps and maybe filling in between the plugs I believe it would look much better. As it stands now I can not say it looks good at all, especially with such an obvious difference between what was done back in the 80's and what he did last year. To further clarify I re-posted the photos with a line separating the previously implanted plugs from the recent work. I agree, I am not happy either with the results. Had he placed them closer to the plugs softening them instead of further away creating what appears to be 'two hairlines' the end results would not have been so poor. Knowing I had prior work and knowing I had a very limited amount of donor hair left I do not believe this was appropriate at all. Also I'll just add I feel he put me in a worse position in that now what ever hairs I may have left will be spent/wasted trying to fill in the gap he created by dropping the hairline lower instead of being used more judiciously to soften the plugs. Which is what I had originally requested. In that I'm sorry to say I do feel it was a failure. Regards, NH
  4. Thanks guys... The procedure was 1500+ FUT about a year and a half ago. The photos are at a year. Nothing has changed since then. Sorry I don't happen to have pre op photos. No I don't smoke or have a cardiac history. I am 60 though if that matters. And no, this is not my first procedure. My concern is I requested to conceal the hairline and thicken immediately behind it. I don't see that that has been achieved. As for the pluggy hairline to me it is all too obvious, though I may not be the best judge of that. When it's us, we are usually far more critical of ourselves. I feel it is very obvious and easily seen, something this procedure IMHO did nothing to correct.
  5. I guess I have just resigned myself that after a year and a half this is what I am left with. I set out to try to conceal a harsh pluggy hairline and hopefully fill in behind it further concealing it and adding some density to the frontal third. Though I see little to no change in density, no softening of the hairline and now I have what appears to be haphazardly placed hairs in front of a hairline which I must now try to hide. The hairs seem to create a discolored band around the edge of the hairline which is noticeable further away. Placing a few single hairs in front of the plugs leaving a large gap between the hairs and the hairline has only drawn more attention to something I had asked to conceal. I feel the grafts were placed too low with nothing behind them. Had they been placed closer to the hairline they may have aided in softening the plugs as opposed to drawing more attention to them. I am now at a total lose as to what to make of this. Was I just a poor candidate ? Was this bad planning ? I chose a 'Recommended Doctor' from this group, spoke with him often, made it clear what I wanted to achieve and yet I am left with this. I need to understand what went wrong before I can move forward. I am hoping that those members here who are very skilled at looking over photos can shed some light as to what they see and what they make of this. Or possibly a doctor could shed some light on this. And if this should have been approached differently ? Sadly I have to admit after all the time and money I invested I am embarrassed by this and find myself having to hide under a hat. The exact thing I wanted to get away from. From the few family and friends that I told, they have all said it does not look good at all. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. NH
  6. Thanks again Gill for your honesty and concise informative reply. Before I can do anything I need to wrap my mind around having just paid thousands for a HT that I may now have to undo. As this is the second Coalition Surgeon I went to I can't say I have much faith in the process.
  7. Thanks Gill, The session consisted of 1528 fu's. The 'grafted density' I do not know. I believe singles were placed in-between the plugs, how many exactly I'm not sure. I agree the singles in the hairline were placed far too low, along with the fact they do nothing to camouflage the harsh pluggy hairline or add anything to the overall look. As well there is no visible difference in density to the frontal third region. Overall IMHO a very unnatural and disappointing result. And a waste of hairs, that I can not afford as I have very little left. My question to the group is, where do I go from here ??? I now have very little donor hair left and do not know where to turn. I have to say, I have little faith in the HT industry, this was the second disappointing surgery by a so called 'Coalition Surgeon' on here.
  8. These were the clearest, hope they help. I had work done to the hairline, frontal third and crown. The crown is were I felt the stubble, however that is the hardest to photograph. Nothing much showed except the existing hair that was already there. There was no reason to photograph the frontal third as I don't have any before photos to compare, however I see no difference in density even now at 11 months. The doctor of course did take before photos. As to the hairline I placed a small white line to show were the work was done. I had previous 'plug work' which is behind the lines, and the new work was placed in front. The hairs placed in front were to camouflage the harsh pluggy hairline. They did, IMHO very little to nothing nor do they look natural at all. I am very disappointed to say the least. NewHare
  9. Hi Chris, the dr suggested I wait till Feb and come back for a re-evaluation. Though I don't see whats going to happen between now and then, that hasn't already. I've had prior work and all the noticeable changes mostly took place in the 3-6 month period. At least in my case. I'm currently at 11 months.
  10. Thank you for clarifying that Bill, thats something I never really considered. I know the hair goes through telogen and anagen but never thought about there being stubble. Though I never examined my head to this extent before either. As to the results, I haven't posted any B&A photos as of yet. Though I will attempt again to get a few clear photos to post.
  11. Hi Bill, no sorry if I wasn't clear on that. I would say of the hairs that did come in. Most came in, in a timely fashion and continued to grow to proper length. So, yes of the hairs that did actually grow most grew to length, however a small percentage did not and have remained just stubble. The stubble is mostly if not all in the crown and has remained that way for some time now. This is what I was asking about in my post. What if anything can be done for the hairs that have remained stubble ? And will they eventually grow ? As to as you said 'significant growth' overall the results IMO are quite disappointing. I see no real difference in density and the hairline where fu's were placed in front of 'plugs' to camouflage are sparse, make little difference and look very unnatural. But this has nothing to do with the stubble issue. The overall results and the stubble are two separate entities, and not related. 1. Of what grew in, a small percent has remained stubble. 2. The results overall have been very disappointing, irregardless of the stubble. I did attempt to take photos, but they came out poorly and did not show much. Blurry, unfocused, ect. I will try again. From your comment - "I understand that you are still feeling stubble, which is quite normal since some hairs may be still growing in or even growing back after returning from telogen or the resting phase" - are you then saying that even at 11 months it is still normal to feel stubble ? If that is so, then thank you, as you answered my question as to whether they will eventually come in and properly grow to length. NewHare
  12. Hi Chris, yes I do believe it was previously discussed. Though no one really addressed what if anything to do. What actually causes this ? And what to do to correct this ? I was hopeful the docs here would have some further insight into this issue.
  13. I believe this topic was touched on however what to actually do if anything and the why of it I don't recall were. I am at the 11 month mark and can still just feel stubble. It seems to be mostly if not all in the crown area, which makes it harder to judge and see. However it appears the grafts have broken through but stopped growing (?). I had work done in both the frontal third and crown. What if anything can be done and why has this happened ? Will it stay this way ? I tried to deal with it up to now hoping it would eventually self correct, but in the last months I've come to the conclusion that they may never come in. I'll just add that in general - and acknowledging this being subjective - my results have been very disappointing so far. What can/should I do ?
  14. I was just about to post the very same thing. I'm at 11 months and although I can't see them I feel what appears to be stubble in my crown. Will these ever grow ? And what causes this to happen ? I've had multiple procedures and never noticed this before. I'm wondering if it has to do with scar tissue from past work.
  15. Thanks for the response Bill. I'd be very interested in knowing if a doc could make a determination if I were in fact a bad candidate for ht, or was it just poor technique by the doctors I went to. I see no point in going through this again, after two very disappointing procedures.