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Is oral minoxidil safe?

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I’ve been using topical minoxidil for almost 2 years now and I’m tired of applying it to my hair I’ve became very inconsistent lately with it because of that I am thinking of hopping on 2.5 mg oral minoxidil but I’m not sure of the safety, what do you all think ? I’ve added what my hair looked like when I started minoxidil to now, i am also on 1 mg of finasteride daily for 10 months now.





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A dosage of 2.5 mg of oral minoxidil is generally considered safe and has been found to be effective for individuals dealing with hair loss. Many doctors around the world prescribe this dosage to their patients. It's important to know that minoxidil is a vasodilator, meaning it widens blood vessels. Due to this property, it is essential to use minoxidil under the supervision and guidance of a doctor.

When it comes to any medication, be it minoxidil or finasteride, it's crucial to consult with a doctor before starting treatment. Doctors will typically conduct the necessary tests and evaluations to ensure that the medication is safe and appropriate for the individual's condition. It is not wise to start or change medication or alter dosages without doctor's guidance, as this can lead to potential health risks. 


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Low-dose (2.5mg to 5mg) Minoxidil oral is being successfully used off-label to treat hair loss. It is not FDA-approved for treating hair loss like the topical version so not as thoroughly tested in those doses. It does carry the risk of side effects, such as common ones like a fast or irregular heartbeat, weight gain, bloating,  and less commonly, chest pain and shortness of breath. Also, because it is more systemic and not as localised as the topical version, it can cause new hair growth on the back, arms, and legs.

However, the majority of users on here rave about its effectiveness, and they back it up with pictures. If you do decide to go down the oral route, make sure you do so under the guidance of your doctor.

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The correct answer is "No one really knows". This guy Dr Sergio Vano has run some large N studies that say it's safe but frankly they all seem quite flawed in their methodology at least as I interpret them. 

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Low-dose oral minoxidil (2.5 mg/day) is considered safe for treating AGA. However, it is important that you should keep in mind that originally this medication is an anti-hypertensive drug which means that it lowers your blood pressure. Therefore, if you are a person with already low blood pressure (below 100/60), you might experience some side effects such as palpitation, dizziness especially when you do strenuous exercises. It is recommended that you get some blood work and EKG before starting the medication. I would highly recommend you to see a doctor first so he/she can help you adjust the dosage. I hope this help.


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