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Hair Restoration Institute of Dallas Fort Worth FUE. 2000 Grafts?

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Had and FUE at the Hair restoration Insitute of Dallas Fort Worth on 17 Feb 2024. Current Pics are from post Op and about 7 days after. Would like some insight on what I should expect. I’m getting worried about the number of grafts and density that was provided with this transplant. Any insight would be appreciated.






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based on photos it is very unlikely you will have good result. usually clinics that transplant like this are sub par . Add the complexity of afro hair on top of that, they transect majority of follicles. Nothing you can do about it now but wait to see how it turns out and consider repair in one year. 


how much was the cost? who did the surgery?

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They should have opted for a higher hairline with more density.  Using hair fibers will be more effective than previously since they will have something to cling to in the previously bald area, but May end up needing a second surgery. 

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I don’t like to alarm people right after surgery but you’ve come here for a reason so to be honest, I’m seeing work that is poor. 

Hairline looks a bit too low and aggressive, density is lower than what you’d hope to see and the placement of the grafts along the frontal hairline looks amateur and unnatural. 

That said, Afro hair can be a little more forgiving bad HT-wise compared to fine hair found on Caucasian & Asian men etc… Your hair will be naturally thicker and curly, which helps with coverage, and soft single graft hairs and irregularities in the hairline are slightly less of an issue. 

Hopefully this ends up at least passable until you can get a repair job on it, and this forum can be a sounding board for ideas & support for you throughout. 

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