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Hello just had a few questions, I recently had a transplant, roughly 1500 grafts in the hair line.

I noticed sudden lost of density on my left side(behind the transplanted zone) which was not "touched" and its only on 1 side, I have been told this is shock loss and it can happen to hair that isnt even involved in the surgery from the injections/overall trauma? I can see under the hairs there are much shorter and some seem to just be "sleeping" they short and thick but not changing in length, please bare in mind I am only refferencing my native hair not the transplanted hair. My question is how long typically does it take to balance out again? And does anyone have any experince with shock loss or know any good cases I could look at to ease my mind, I know it's abit odd to waffle this much about it but I think its more nerves than anything, I look worse now than I did prior to the surgery and I didn't have any issues in that area where the hair suddenly thinned out.

I am already on treatment, and have been for 10 years, dut/fin/min. This post is more so for some reassurance, and perhaps some views onto the matter aswell as other peoples experince with shock loss, I know the typical answer is you just need to wait but I just want a deeper insight and anacedotes from folks to keep me calm


EDIT: Just to note it's been roughly 28 days since I had my transplant.

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Your surgeon is correct; your native hair can become miniaturized or fall out due to the shock(trauma) your scalp experiences from hair transplant surgery. It typically takes about 3 months for your hair to return to its normal state. You don't need to worry about that at this stage.

Happy growing and keep updating brother.

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I had a lot of shock loss in the donor and on top just outside the transplant zone.  It took a good 4 months to recover.  Although it is hard, you just have to be patient and not worry.  You have a few more months of ugly duckling.  Good luck! 

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I have seen a couple of cases of very bad shock loss that was outside the region worked on. I did a quick search for one I'm thinking of in particular, but I couldn't find it. In any case, you will probably be fine in a few months. The hard part is getting through the next couple of months without constantly looking in the mirror to check on it 50 times a day.



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