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Trying Fin or Duta Question

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What are common things to look out for in the beginning as you try either of the medications?

Is shedding normal? Should I stop if I start to shed. Can either medication make the hair loss worse?

Any side effects where I should stop right away and consult with a doctor? Any side effects where I should just power through?

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Sheeding is a sign that is working. Just stick trough it. It will be worth in the end. You are probably your own worse enemy when it comes to the sheed and will probably think is worse than what other people are seeing. The best thing is to calm down and trust the process.

And also just take the pill and go on with your life. Your will probably not get sides. If you do it will probably happen in the beginning of your journey and go away on it own or after lowering the dose

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It's advisable not to choose between minoxidil and finasteride but consider using both, as they complement each other. Typically, they are prescribed together and should be under a doctor's supervision, not self-administered.

Some experience shedding initially, while others don't, so don't be overly concerned about it. It's unlikely to worsen your hair situation, and there's potential for improvement.

Its essential to consult a doctor and do all the required reports and then create a medication regime that safely suits your needs. A tailor made dosage which can help your hairs and cut down the side effects. Most side effects are temporary and diminish as your body adjusts. Only a small percentage of individuals have to discontinue due to persistent side effects.

As the previous poster mentioned, maintaining a positive outlook is crucial. Excessive worry may lead to the well-known NOCEBO effect.

I hope this helps you. Good luck.

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