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Dr.Mwamba | 1600 grafts | 2nd Surgery | 1st Feb ‘24

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As of writing this (2nd February '24) I am 1 day post op with Dr Mwamba and his team, which is my second transplant.

I first noticed hair loss when I was 21/22, the standard thinning of the temples, but around a year later I noticed my crown was starting to thin too which did send me into slight paranoia over my hair. After doing some research back in 2018 I decided to jump on the holy grail known as Finasteride to fight against the slap head curse which would inevitably take over at some point in the future.

I've been on finasteride ever since, as it definitely helped to strengthen the look of my hair around the crown and mid scalp.

Although, at the end of 2019, I decided to take the plunge and fly out to Turkey to get a transplant with one of the classic "hair mills". Overall, I'd say it was actually a decent experience (I don't want to spend too much time talking about that in this post but for reference I had, apparently, 2500 grafts along the hairline and behind the hairline)

Overall I would say I was satisfied with the results at 1 year post op, it was much better than how I looked before and I wasn't self conscious about my hairline (I was unwilling to leave the house without fibers before it)

Although over the last 1-2 years, i've noticed that the lack of density was pretty apparent along the hairline (especially my right side, this was/is the more problematic area) as well as I hadn't had any work done on the temple points, which due to my larger than average size forehead, prevented me from doing hairstyles I wanted.

Anyway, enough rambling, I decided to book my second op in with Mwamba for 1st Feb '24 with the goals of:

  • Add density to the previous transplant area on each side but focusing on my right side (hairline & behind)
  • Restore temple points a little
  • Potentially add a few grafts to widows peak to give the look of a lower hairline and smaller forehead without using a load of grafts to bring down the whole hairline down
  • Add small number of grafts to the thin spot on the crown (100)

After consulting with Mwamba, He said it would require around 1600 grafts. He said that the hairline (from the previous transplant) was only 20-30 hairs per cm2 in parts, which was the obvious reason as to why there was a lack of density. 

He inspected my donor and noticed (as did I) that I had a small overharvesting area on my back left side.

But overall my donor area was still pretty good with double, triples etc. (He actually said I should have around 2000+ grafts still remaining even after this second transplant for anything in the future if needed, which I was pleasantly surprised about)

Mwamba and his team are great and really helpful as well as being clearly very skilled and professional. 

When I did my research about him, I heard that they are very long days... and I can confirm. I arrived at the clinic at approx 8:45am and didn't leave until 11:45pm. I was shattered! 

It's weird because when I had the 1st transplant in Turkey, the procedure only lasted approx 4-5 hours and I had more grafts 😅

anyway i've attached some photos below... 

Dec' 2019 (pre 1st op)



July 2020 (6 months post & lockdown hair)


January 2024 (noticeable lack of density around the hairline and behind it, zoom in on the second picture you can clearly see lack of density. Photos actually make it less noticable too)



Pre-Op design with Mwamba




Post Op (these were taken immeditely after, so there is a bit of swelling and blood which has now died down)

Also, you can't see on these photos, but quite a few grafts have gone behind the hairline too




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Work looks very refined as per usual from Dr Mwamba. You're previous ht wasn't too bad considering you chose a mill, out of interest which one? 

It's a distinct possibility they didn't actually implant 2.5k, hence you still having a more than adequate donor area. Completing the last ht in that time would mean they were more worried about speed rather than artistry. 

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5 minutes ago, Lewis Horsley said:

Thanks! Yes I’ve had that theory before in regards to having less than the quoted 2500 at the Turkish clinic (you can see the name in the first photo 😉)

Lol yes i put my glasses on and saw who it was... Not a surprise at all. They are renowned for inflated numbers. 

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You are lucky to get a decent outcome with your first clinic and am glad that you have chosen a good doctor this time...you density issues will be resolved this time plus those temples will frame your face better and will lift up the visual appeal..best of luck ..Happy growing and keep updating brother.

Check Out My Hair Transplant Journey

--> My Thread

3611 FUE Grafts With Dr Kongkiat Laorwong | Norwood 5 | 2nd May 2023 




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Your result from your first clinic in turkey was fine to be honest. This second procedure is basically to increase the density a bit and to make the temporal peaks... i wish you good luck!

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Donor 2 days post op

As you can see, the donor hair is longer across the midsection at the back, this is because Mwamba said he wasn't going to take any grafts from there due to the slight overharvesting from my first transplant.

FYI, I have just applied cream before this photo which is why my head is shiny.

Currently the head is itchy!! 


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Day 6 Donor

Donor feels a little tight & tender but I think it looks pretty good. 
I was also back to work today and wore a loose cap which should be ok (but maybe the reason why my donor feels a little tight since taking it off)


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  • Lewis Horsley changed the title to Dr.Mwamba | 1600 grafts | 2nd Surgery | 1st Feb ‘24
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DAY 10
Scabs are now approx 80% off. They’ve been coming off progressively over the past couple days.

Overall, I think things are looking good!

Now the scabs are off, you can see the mini transplanted hairs popping through.

There are quite a few grafts behind the hairline which you can’t see very well due to the existing hair covering them.

donor seems to look pretty good too (I have had some itching over the past couple days)

Id say the only minor worry atm is that there seems to be a small noticeable separation between my transplanted right (my right) temple-point and the native hair behind it. I’m hoping when everything properly grows in it’s not noticeable (let me know your thoughts?)

the left (my left) temple-point doesn’t have this and looks great.







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Day 20 | First hair cut

Had my first haircut today (3 weeks post op as of tomorrow). Couldn’t wait to tidy it up a bit and resemble somewhat of a normal style (although still needs growing out)

Transplanted hair I think is showing signs of beginning to shed (on my left temple peak mainly) so I’m preparing myself for the next few weeks!

My donor looks decent but I’m looking forward to seeing it once it has grown in, in another 4-6 weeks.




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Posted (edited)

1 month

id say around 70% of transplanted hair has shed. My left temple point has pretty much completely shed (shown in the photo below). My right temple point has only shed approx 50%, so who knows if that will linger around or not over the next couple weeks.


It’s difficult to tell if the hair behind the hairline has shed due to the other hair… but I suppose it doesn’t matter if I can’t see it 😅


Donor is getting better although on my left side above my ear where a lot of hair were extracted, there seems to be a bit of noticeable redness/little bit of shock loss which hopefully will recover soon.


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