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New Hair System - Gradual Implementation?


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Curious as to whether anyone has opted for a system that includes a significant amount of thinning and/or recession to mimic their real hair and then gradually and slowly maybe increasing the amount of hair to a preferred look over the course of months/years.  It may sound strange but going from no hair to hair will be super obvious.  I want to keep a very short hair style which I think will help but even then, going from a Costanza look to anything with frontal hair, even if short, will be very obvious.  So I'd essentially wear a system that looks like a balding man (mostly in front, some thinning on top) and then when I replace the system, ever so slightly allow a little increase in hair.  Curious as to whether anyone else has tried this approach.  Do they even make a hair system, not just with recession, but with a true balding look?  

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I saw this done years ago and it seemed to work out nicely, but that was so long ago I don't remember the details of how many systems it took to get to the final result or how long he used each one. I wish I could tell you more, but it had to be probably around 30 years ago I think. I just wanted to say that it has been done, so you're not thinking crazy 🙂


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Thanks for the reply.  To me it seems logical, depending on how quickly one converts to system.  There just don't seem to be many stylists who are familiar with this approach in my area.  

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This wasnt uncommon when I started to first wear 12-years ago.

The time taken depends on the lifespan of each piece. It could happen over 4 pieces or 18-month whichever comes first.

There are other hacks I have heard of when transitioning

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