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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    I'm here for support

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  1. If you can grow it long enough and have sufficient hair then I don't see why you cant be your own donor. The length you need will depend on what the final style will be, but as a working minimum I would think 3 inches. which would be knotted to create two strands of 1.5 inch hair
  2. I paid £300 for my current piece and had it cut in in October 2019 - even with lock down its over a year daily wear. No shedding and looks as fresh as paint Honestly, these clubs sound a right rip off of the vulnerable
  3. Never heard of it. All pieces come from a small part of china and can vary in quality widely.
  4. $370 seems reasonable for a first piece and attachment. $120 every few weeks is where she will make the money. Its like a cheap printer and expensive cartridges. Is it a contract? Ideally, you would DIY after 1 or 2 visits and save yourself a fair chunk apart from a cut in. No reason why you cant do the rest yourself if you so choose
  5. Hair styles that hide the hair line can help. I found this when I moved from a quiff to crop
  6. london hair clinic and m2hgo.com if you want to have the full service. £600-850 ish DIY apart from the cut in then www.ukhairsystems.com -£300 ish
  7. I did exercise at the gym 4 to 6 times a week including cardio. I would sweat like a pig - no problems. Once the world is back to normal, I will return. A lace system is what I have.
  8. For last few years online www.ukhairsystems.com info@ukhairsystems.com I get them shipped even if Im outside the UK working. Reasonable price and good quality
  9. 1) $400 for good quality - depends where you are in the world 2) 2 to 3-weeks 3) yes 4) yes 5) depends 6) yes - I did 7) yes 😎 its a personal matter - but Im very happy and regret not doing it sooner 9) It shouldn't if done correctly. 10) Depends - not unless in long relationship 11) No-risks to a HT
  10. If you are not confident enough to start yourself then a salon is the only other option to get started. Longer term DIY will be less expensive and more educational (properly with better results from your input). Good luck
  11. In short, yes it is possible to wear a system behind a front hairline. Attaching to shaven or buzzed down hair will help it.
  12. UK, but I have lived in a few countries over the last decade and ordered from the same place. I sometimes visit a local barber otherwise, I do it myself with a Wahl.
  13. I would say no and that's why hair pieces can work as its not easy to pick the good ones. I can see nothing obvious screaming hair piece or even front partial. If he was wearing then he's gone for one of the hardest hairlines to pull off. The exposed comb back as it would soon cause "lift".
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