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  1. I did exercise at the gym 4 to 6 times a week including cardio. I would sweat like a pig - no problems. Once the world is back to normal, I will return. A lace system is what I have.
  2. For last few years online www.ukhairsystems.com info@ukhairsystems.com I get them shipped even if Im outside the UK working. Reasonable price and good quality
  3. 1) $400 for good quality - depends where you are in the world 2) 2 to 3-weeks 3) yes 4) yes 5) depends 6) yes - I did 7) yes 😎 its a personal matter - but Im very happy and regret not doing it sooner 9) It shouldn't if done correctly. 10) Depends - not unless in long relationship 11) No-risks to a HT
  4. If you are not confident enough to start yourself then a salon is the only other option to get started. Longer term DIY will be less expensive and more educational (properly with better results from your input). Good luck
  5. In short, yes it is possible to wear a system behind a front hairline. Attaching to shaven or buzzed down hair will help it.
  6. UK, but I have lived in a few countries over the last decade and ordered from the same place. I sometimes visit a local barber otherwise, I do it myself with a Wahl.
  7. I would say no and that's why hair pieces can work as its not easy to pick the good ones. I can see nothing obvious screaming hair piece or even front partial. If he was wearing then he's gone for one of the hardest hairlines to pull off. The exposed comb back as it would soon cause "lift".
  8. I have been wearing almost a decade and I can say its changed my life. That said, it is not for everyone and it take a little while to master it. I DIY which cuts down the time and costs to a fraction of what clinics charge. There are regular posters online that have been wearing for a long time, but the vast majority of people whether it works or not will stop posting once they have decided their path.
  9. Maybe get it over sized and have the stylist cut it precisely at the fitting. The supplier I use do afro style pieces but you need to ask them. http://www.ukhairsystems.com
  10. I would have though a skin front and lace elsewhere would deliver that better. Skin is fragile, it is most likely to tear quicker under weight of hair. While Lace can take it and skin is supposedly less detectable hence have it at the front. Hairbro say skin is durable - thats poppicock! Lace is far more durable.
  11. DIY is a UK term making do it yourself (from home). That is remove, clean and reattach.The opposite is attending a salon. The hair does not interfere with the system and the system doesn't affect the hair. It continues growing as normal so you need to buzz it down. Yes you will need to shave/buzz the hair down. Plenty of choice in the USA but I am in the UK
  12. On balance, I have no regrets making the change from little hair to a nice head of hair. Life has improved, but the key is finding a good supplier at a reasonable cost and being mentally ready. Costs can vary from ?100 off ebay to ?3,000 from a swanky clinic. The sooner you move to DIY the more you will save and the more likely it is to work for your pocket. At first, it is nerve racking, but with good guidance you really should pick up most of the key points quickly. Don't get locked into expensive contracts and don't over buy products. You actually need very few. Initally I used northwestlace Northwest Lace - High Quality Hair Replacement But for the last few years I have used a more local company Top Quality & Affordable Hair Systems, Hairpieces, Toupees, Wigs, Hair Replacement Systems - Shipping UK and Worldwide.
  13. It is a bit specialist so you might have to look further afield as you have with TCP in Reading. I would think thats the closest to you. There are some clinics but they are more central London. I agree that if you lack confidence then with your first one you want to see how its done. Though after 1 or 2 demonstrations and plenty of youtube videos its easy to see whats happening. These salons will show you but don't always explain as their business is repeat business. The way TCP is set up is you need to return often to reattach without time to do your own template. That can be a pain. The other drawback with TCP is the length between attachments of 4 to 6 weeks. I never recommend keeping it on that long. Ideally you want to reattach every 10 to 14 day and once you know how it doesnt take long to do it. Also TCP don't seem to make custom pieces but usually tailor something off the shelf. They have been accused of creating a "wall of hair" without finesse. The other option is finding a good supplier that will custom make a piece and hooking you up with a stylist that will fit and explain. Unfortunately, this is likely to require half a day travelling and in the salon. Salon prices for a year can vary from ?2k to 5k. Ultimately, you will look to DIY for around ?600 a year. As it stands TCP may be your best option, but certainly not the best option.
  14. AHS - very overpriced TCP - cheaper, but still pricey compared to DIY and their systems are generally considered average. Whats important to you cost? journey time? or authenticity?