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Anyone have luck getting in touch with Dr. Luis Nader recently?

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I have been trying to contact Dr. Nader to hopefully get an appointment in the books since August 2023. I've tried everything, calling all the numbers, leaving messages, sending multiple follow-up emails to brenda, using tips i've seen on reddit on getting in touch with him. After all that, I've only received one email response from Brenda saying Dr. Nader will send me an estimate once he has a chance to review my info and pictures, however, this was back in September and have not heard anything since even after sending follow-ups.

Is he still active? Or am I just getting really unlucky? I live in Texas so he would be the best option for me outside of doing a big trip (which i would rather not do).

Any tips or success stories in contacting him would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has had any success recently, what has the waitlist looked like?

Thank you!

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Keep trying. I have had a lot of people reach out to me. I’ve sent him a message. My suggestion is keep trying. But don’t only consult with one surgeon. 

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