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Appearance of band around head after FUT.

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I underwent a FUT procedure several years ago, and while the scar appears relatively thin, it has led to a peculiar situation where there is a band of double-layered hair encircling my head. This is due to the way the strip was closed, causing the hair on the top of the scar and the hair from the bottom to be in closer proximity compared to the surrounding hair, resulting in the appearance of a  thicker band of hair along the scar. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue, and if so, have they found a solution?

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Over the past 4 decades I have seen countless examples of FUHT closures and what you are experiencing is not uncommon…in some cases it cannot be avoided when the two sides are sutured together and the density is multiplied horizontally across the donor strip zone…the other type of problem has to do with surgeon neglect when closing the sides requires lining up the direction of hair growth to meet evenly and also the amount of tension of the sutures can potentially have a visual effect of how the strip scar turns out.

Is there any remedy?…yes, the most practical option is to grow out the length of hair in the occipital zone to visually counter-act the variances of density in that specific area covering the strip scar.

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