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100% ready for a transplant.....but am I really?

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Hi every one I'd love to hear some advice from those more experienced than me

I'm 38yrs old 
Taking topical Fin + Min x ~ 3 years: with decent stability, maybe still some frontal recession due to traction (as I now put my hair in a bun to cover the bald spot (crop circle) in my crown. I'm reducing / stopping that style
Been researching in the HT world for a few years but within the next 6 months I'd like to have the procedure done finally - of course depending on the availability of the right person

Photos don't tell the full picture but I think my areas of recession and crown loss is pretty clear
My hair is more on the medium fine/thin side, very curly even coily, forms knots all the time, relatively soft
Sides grow like wild fire, back grows like regular fire, front grows like it's been burnt and the crown is ash basically

I style and wear my hair ALL on, or ALL off mostly
Photos are with about 2.5 -3 years from my last complete low cut with like a #2 comb

I have toyed with the idea of FUT, in an attempt to preserve donor or get the "largest yield" and result in one go, but given my interest in a low cut as well I am pretty against the scar.

I don't think my hair can style well with a "partial shave" as well as in my lack of knowledge, I think the best way to access my hairline frontal third and crown is with a complete shave; unless I want to look like Pennywise from the "IT" movie.

So I'm now leaning on FUE - in the hands of an experienced skilled surgeon to perform the procedure.
Cost is always important, but not as important as quality - same with location.
I am in the US but willing to fly almost anywhere to get it done right.

I am willing to fully commit to the process - I'm talking about if my grafts fail altogether just go completely buzz and SMP everything type of commitment.

I have had email consults mostly maybe 1 zoom. In person many years ago with Bernstein and was told FUT or bust basically
Told a range overall of maybe 3000 - 3500 grafts for a good result
Without someone seeing me in person I'm not even able to tell if my donor is "strong" enough for that either

I did have a density measurement once and was told in the back/donor it was > 100 (units of density?) progressing to 60 closer to the crown to near zero in the crown back to 40 - 60 in the frontal area. I guess I'm a Norwood 3-4 ish, maybe 5 ?? I have two photos below of me spreading my hair in the back region to try to show the scalp hair density below (but the quality may not be the best sorry)

I've looked at Dr Bisanga's work and think it's amazing especially on more afro centric/mixed hair
I've found it harder to find references of surgeons who work on more curly, coily hair - and that is one thing I am looking for

I've given up on the idea of ARATAs as an option (worried about transection) 

Surgeons I've considered:
Bisanga (amazing work discussions with their consultants)
Bicer (amazing work also in discussion with consultants)
Harley St (told me to talk to H&W to get FUT done. remote consult)
Hasson & Wong (Spoke to them after harley, H&W said we think FUE is just fine for you)
Ken Anderson
Bauman (read your reviews and thank you will likely reconsider)

My questions and goals:

1) not really lower hairline too much, just actually give me back a hairline, improve density in front
2) Save the Crown! I don't want to have an alien landing ship patch on top anymore, if realistically this isn't an option I'm fine going GI Joe buzz cut + SMP
3) Not destroying the donor area - no point in creating terrible scarring or further hair loss

1) Are these expectations even realistic with my hair, density, volume and type?
2) Should I not wipe FUT completely off the table?
3) Should I expand my list of quality surgeons? Are there people who I should be considering that I am not (travel is not an issue)
4) In my conversations with consultants should I be thinking about a minimum or specific FU/cm2 for the front and crown for coverage?
5) I don't know what I don't know and this forum has taught me that I don't know alot! so thank you; anything else anyone can think of?

P.S. This is a very scary process and world of HT out there, thank you for helping navigate it with your honesty and safe space. 
P.P.S I already know I need to wash and comb out the knots in my hair thank you :)  













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The surgeons you listed especially Bisinga should be able to do an impressive job. He’s known for Afro hairs. 

I think you’re overthinking things a lot too. You’ve chosen some of the best doctors and there’s that. Didn’t get a bad job at a hairmill, don’t need repairs, chose quality surgeons, have less hairloss, this should be a home run.


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You have an excellent approach going forward into a life changing procedure. Less people would end up with regrets with the amount of consideration you are putting into your deliberations. You have picked some excellent choices as has been said. I like Dr Bisanga for your hair type. You will get a lot of bang for your graft with your hair type. Curly hair like yours gives excellent coverage. I think FUE would be the perfect choice if your are going to sport shorter hair in the future though all surgery leaves scars as you know. All the best!

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I appreciate the feedback.

I do try want to give the decision the appropriate level of consideration that it deserves 

Is it possible that because of the curly hair I could have safe coverage with less grafts? if my donor was at 2500 instead of 3500 for example (not that I have any idea how to rate my donor supply)

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