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Hair isn't growing around my right temple area after two months.

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Hey guys,

Two months ago,  I got a FUT hair transplant.  The hairs on my left temple area have grown pretty well, the grafts on my right temple are hardly growing at all, and the area has had a light pink colour for the last two months.  Is that something to worry about?

It also seems like the grafts on the left side of my head are growing a lot faster than the right. 

My hairs haven't fallen out (that I'm aware of).  Should they've fallen out by now? It's been 2 months.

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it's uncertain what happened yet, it might just be lagging behind (like how growth on crown lags behind frontal area), or worst case they planted your one temple the least, or the latest (one temple done first, and the n middle, and last to the other temple. which leads to lower survival graft on one side. *this would be due to overly long time the grafts are outside of your body. rare case to happen though, as most reputable doc would ensure it not to be outside you for more than 5-6 hours)

most likely though, you'll be fine, since it's only been 2 months. normally most hair sprouts near month 2 end till month 4 end. if the area is wholly barren untill the 6th month, then that's when you should be concerned.

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