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If body hair transplantation is possible, why do clinics still use the back of the head?

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Scalp hair is the primary source for hair transplants. It mimics the hair on the top of your head

Beard hair is coarser and doesn’t look natural on the frontal third of your head. It works well in the mid scalp and if used well can look good in the crown.

body hair has weak coverage value and is mainly used on higher Norwood’s. it has less survival rate.

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Also, it's growth cycle is shorter than scalp or beard hair so if you do get chest hair, it may fall faster, looking quite thin. It's usually considered a last resort solution to cover up ugly strip scars or add density to the mid scalp or crown, no reputable surgeon would use it to cover your hairline. 

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Greetings of the day @DriveByShooter,

Hairs on the scalp is very different from the hairs on the beard. Beard graft when implanted to scalp has a wavy appearance and the growth cycle is slow. In beard grafts the Anagen phase is shorter and telogen phase is longer, opposite to the scalp hair where anagen is the longest phase. Usually in simple hair transplant or hair restoration procedures the donor hair is taken from the back of the scalp and implanted in the balding areas but in some cases when there is not enough grafts available from the scalp area, then hair transplant surgeons take donor hair from alternative areas of the body such as the beard and chest and use them for the purpose of transplantation on the head.

As mentioned in above replies Body hairs has less survival rate and it is used to provide the density in the crown area, in some cases in the mid area as well. People who are a higher level of Norwood grade (Above 5) are the one who need Body hairs to gain the illusion of maximum density. 


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There’s no replacement for scalp hair. The anagen growth phase, the texture and characteristics is completely different.

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