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Micro Needling - optimal choice

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Hello there,


In this topic I'd like to ask you about micro needling: what are your experiences, results, used devices, etc.


1) Regarding device. I've seen some topics regarding dermarollers and similar things but many people claimed that it's not good option for longer hair as it pulls it. So after a few comments I decided to buy Dr Pen. Do you have experience with it? I've seen many versions and I've started to wonder if it's worth to buy more expensive one. Maybe you used other kind of devices (as I haven't bought it yet I cac still change my mind)

2) Parameters. Here I've seen some totally different approaches. One: saying that going below 1,5 mm depth is meaningless. Second: I've seen some patent description where they were going with 0,8-1,0 mm depth.


If you have experience: please share it with me. Thanks!

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I don't do this, skin is too sensitive for me personally. This does help topical minoxidil absorb better. You don't have to go all the way up to 1.5, I've read .5 and .75 are commonly used effective lengths as well. There's a video below from a reputable youtuber that happens to use 1.5, talks about the lengths and types of derma rollers/pens you may find useful.



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