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Expert opinion required for HT

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I am 46M in Ontario, Canada and probably a NW3V or 4 (though I may be totally wrong at that). I have been doing some research online for last cpl of days and found this amazing Forum through Reddit. I started having hairloss around the age of 24 and my hairline has gradually receded along with the temples and thinning of hair on sides and crown. I tried Propecia back i in 2018 but had sides with libido and stopped taking it after 6 months even though it did lead to some improvement in crown area.

Fast forward to 2022, I decided to do something about hairloss and went to a clinic locally. They gave me cpl of options including transplant; however I chose PRP to give some impetus to hair growth. I did PRP for over 5 separate sessions over 5 months and it has helped with the loss however did nothing to my crown area. I then started wearing hair system and it makes me looking amazing with all that coverage and density and styling; however it is expensive and needs monthly maintenance alongwith the feeling of having a Mat on your head.

I have decided to get a HT and looked at cpl of options like Eugenix, Dr Pekiner, Dr Yaman,  H&W, Demisroy, Zarev.

Only surgeons who have responded back so far are Dr Pekiner, Demisroy, Dr Yaman and EUGENIX.

I am leaning more towards Dr Pekiner as he does the entire surgery on his own; however as a result of that is limited to how many grafts can be processed. He charges 2.7 Euro per graft.

Eugenix has reached out and sent me a screenshot of what they will cover and I will be honest, I am not sure I really understand exactly what they are trying to do (see attached). Also, catching  a long flight to INDIA inc its airfare is something I am not looking forward to. I have also not yet been informed about their packages so have no clue about their cost.

My goal is to bring the hairline down a little bit along with the temples coming out and adding density to the front and mid scalp with providing coverage to the balding crown. My donor area seems to be pretty decent, IMO.

What do you guys think based upon your experiences and research. Is it possible for me to get full coverage or am I overly optimistic!

P.S. 1st 2 images are with Eugenix initial assessment. Last 2 images are of Donor area  with my hair system covering the vertex








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12 minutes ago, civic said:

Its always best to first have an in person evaluation with your local reputable doctor to rule out any conditions such as retrograde, dupa, etc, from side view pic its difucult to assess if there is any thinning of that donor section.

Yes, I have an upcoming consultation in-person with a Surgeon in Toronto. Not sure what retrogade or dupa mean, but will try to check it on this forum.

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4 minutes ago, GoliGoliGoli said:

How many grafts is Perkiner limited to? I think you will need 3500-4000 grafts to give you coverage you will be happy with. I'd say you're safely a Norwood 4

I'd think not more than 1000 as he is doing all the work. I don't mind that to be honest as I would rather have the surgeon do all the heavy lifting and take their own sweet time; however if I need ~4000 for full coverage, it may not be possible within 2-3 days and I would like to avoid a yearly gap between the 2 surgeries to get adequate coverage

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You’re a diffuse thinner, but for your age I think the hair have held up well. If I’m being honest, I’d avoid lowering the hairline. Your natural hairline is going strong and you can probably get very full density all around your head by keeping your hairline where it is. 

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