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Two months post op


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My apologies- bit of a long read

2 months post hair transplant and I noticed that my hair is a little bit different since having the procedure and wonder if it’s normal.


I feel as though my hair looks and feels thinner than before my transplant. It’s weird because depending on the light It’s looks somewhat the same as before but in other light it’s much more thinner something I’ve never noticed before (obviously paying more attention to my hair more than ever) but I definitely can feel a difference when styling and it feels much thinner


My question - is it normal to have shock loss to native hair after a transplant? This wasn’t conveyed by the surgeon and when I asked about it recently he stated that it could just be my normal hair regression. If it’s shock loss is it permanent?

Month before transplant my dermatologist switched me from Finestride to  dutasteride and upped my dosage to oral minoxidil 2.5 tablet (before i was on half a tablet) been on oral minoxidil for about a year after switching from liquid 


Little info on my history

Noticed hair thinned considerably back in 2015 and for years I’ve been using finestride and minoxidil as well as PRP treatments. 

In the beginning I responded extremely well to PRP that i had such thick hair people thought I had a transplant. Two years after starting PRP my hair was thicker than ever, but since about 2019 my hair regressed and overall it wasn’t bad and it didn’t regress to the where I was before I started PRP but it bothered me to the extent that I wanted to look into doing a transplant. It definitely thinned over the last few years.


As long as I styled it a certain way it’s looked okay but after years of PRP the price tag was getting a little much and i felt that doing a transplant would be better in the long run 


At this time I don’t want to get into the procedure - But I did some research beforehand but unfortunately didn’t discover this forum until after my transplant and perhaps would’ve changed my mind on whether to get it or wait.


I sought two surgeons in my area and both recommend the same thing- 3500 grafts and their reviews were both pretty good. 


The procedure was done in 8 hours and I had 3500 grafts and went through all the normal post procedure care and I did not have any issues the first few weeks afterwards.


I went back for PRP treatments 6 weeks after my transplant and my dermatologist said the surgeon did a good job on my donor area and didn’t really notice any issues on my scalp outside it being a little red. Of course only 2 months post op so we shall see what transpires for the nest few months 


Below are pictures from 2015, 2021, Feb 2022 and the last few weeks. Any thoughts? Procedure was done  in April


also have a picture from early 2019 when my hair was fully thick from just PRPDDB70399-E151-4BCA-8874-DB37738829D6.thumb.jpeg.cdd5e07d6cad120695f3ce94529bbf90.jpeg


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You’re two months post-op? Shock loss is very common at this stage. I will be posting a video about it tomorrow. 

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Yeah i knew that the transplanted hairs would come out in a few weeks and they did. I just didn’t expect to lose some of the original hair too and have my hair thinner than before


I read that due to the trauma done to the area it’s not uncommon to have thinner hair after a HT but when I asked my surgeon if that was the case he seemed surprised that would happen.

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