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Side Effects from FIN to DUT?


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I've been taking Finasteride for several years (along with Minixodil) and it seemed to have worked for many years in just allowing me to keep the hair I have/had.  That said, I don't feel either are working as I'm beginning to thin and shed again.  I've seen many posts on Dutasteride with mixed results.  I was initially going to get the topical version to avoid side effects but heard that would cause more shedding so now plan on taking oral Dutasteride at .10% (thinking the lower dose at .10% will produce less sides but still could be more effective than FIN).  Since I'm already taking 1mg of FIN daily, how quickly should I switch one for the other or should I allow some overlap?  Should I expect to shed on the DUT even though I've been in FIN?   

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If you feel like you are still miniaturizing on Finasteride then yes I would personally switch straight to Dutasteride 0.5mg daily. Don't wait and don't overthink it. 👍

Chance are you will not notice any difference compared to Finasteride in terms of shedding/hair thickness and hopefully it'll halt further miniaturization since it inhibits more  DHT in the hair follicles. 

I've used 2.5mg of Dutasteride orally for 6 months or so. Didn't make any difference compared to just Proscar 1.25mg daily...No sides, no regrowth, no difference in regards to shedding...Nothing it's all internet talk. All you can do is hope your hair will not continue to thin on these drugs and track the progression with a legit hairloss specialist (microscope examination every year). 

Shedding cannot be stopped. Even people with very minimal endogenous androgen production such as castrates or transgender men shed hairs on a daily basis... Hairs go through cycles and you cannot keep them in the anagen phase permanently. Not even with oral minoxidil. 

Hope this clarifies things for you. 

All the best 🙏

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Personally, I feel the topical formula is safer. You only have to apply it 1x per week as well. Shedding doesn't equal balding. If you notice your hair shedding when you get on medication, it's usually a sign that it's working. 

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I switched to dutasteride after 1 year of finasteride and I have no side effects. Taking 0.5mg. Studies show very small increase in side effects between each drug at their recommended dose so chances are if you didn't have sides from finasteride you won't have sides from dutasteride.

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