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Experience with IPL? - Also, the Crown Clinic in Manchester..

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Hi everyone

So I've gotten further with my research and planning about a reverse hair transplant, so that I can go bald with some grace.

I spoke with a local skincare clinic that does electrolysis, laser and ipl hair removal. They recommended me to have the grafts in my forehead removed with ipl (intense pulsating light) since it's supposedly the method with the least scarring, and also the least time-consuming method. The lead technician and owner has twenty years of experience, and seems decent enough. According to her between 6-10 follow-ups may be needed, but then the hair removal should be permanent.. What i've heard from other souces is different though, with some people saying that laser or ipl won't permanently remove transplanted hair, and that having them surgically removed is the best option.. I am just wondering whether anyone has actual experience with that? Wouldn't want to choose the wrong option again..

Secondly, i've considered the Crown Clinic in Manchester as the clinic for having hair inserted into my scar in the back of the head. Some reviews in here (there aren't too many of those by the way) however mention that it's not the main doctor doing it, but his assistants.. Seems like a red flag to me - won't you agree? Kind of like a money making machine, however I could be wrong.. Anyways, I was wondering what your thoughts are on that? Obviously a 3mm scar is less of a personal risk than a full HT, but would still be nice to hear from people with experience of surgery from that clinic..

Thanks a lot :).



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I haven’t seen any results or reviews from this clinic. Research carefully, make sure you do your due diligence and speak to verifiable past patients. 

For a list of surgeons reviewed and recommended by our community go here:


I’m a paid admin for Hair Transplant Network. I do not receive any compensation from any clinic. My comments are not medical advice.

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