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How many people had LESS grafts used on the operation day

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  • RTC changed the title to How many people had LESS grafts used on the operation day
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i think i saw several thread saying they actually needing less, with 2 common cause being :

1. the doctor quoted a higher graft number so if the condition is worse than photo, the patient would not be torn because they might have not readied the needed amount of money for the graft. and if it's lower, meaning the patient save abit money, which isn't a problem usually.

2. the condition looked worse in photo compared to when you are assesed physically.


it's a good thing really, at least that means your condition isn't as bad as it's thought, and you'd spend less.

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Technically mine was a bit lower, then higher and then slightly lower. Let me explain. 

On the first ever image they gave me, they wrote 1200-1500 grafts frontal hairline, 250 grafts each temple. 

The writing however said 1700 for the frontal hairline. So adding 500 to that for both temples gave me 2200 when i paid the deposit and was on my agreed form. 

On the day of the procedure however, Dr Das did all the checks and everything and was settled on 2000. In the end, 2010 grafts were implanted with one graft i know 100% was lost so its really 2009 or so. 

I am curious maybe whether Dr Das could have aimed for 2200 and squeezed out a little more density but i think i'm pretty happy so far with the initial look and design. I just need it to grow in and see the 12 month result. I can always go back for more density to be added and refinement of the temple point shape if necessary. 

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