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Monkeypox and travelling


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It seems scam number 2 is on the way.. they're already talking about cases again and Belgium has started 21 day mandatory quarantines for people who have it.. how long before masks, lockdowns, vaccines and suspension of travel?

Just my luck with a procedure planned for the end of next month in Belgium, I have a very strong feeling everything is going to go to s**t

And for the record, yes I believe covid was real, but it's risk to healthy people was vastly exaggerated.

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4 hours ago, John1991 said:

I think it's mostly transmitted through sex.  I don't think this'll be another COVID.  The authoritarian lockdowns won't work this time.  People are fed up with that horsesh**

Sadly I think the opposite. Though there are alot of people who see through the garbage, I don't see us winning this one. Too many stupid people.

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On 6/18/2022 at 3:00 PM, SimpleLife said:

Forget monkeypox, in the netherlands they are considering doing a lockdown for corona.

I think they left it open for now, because of the summer & possible outrage but my prediction is that it will be back eoy

They can bring lockdowns back any time they want I think. I hope I am wrong.

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