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Finasteride side effects or depression/something else?


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I apologize in advance for the long post and maybe a bit TMI, but I would truly appreciate some advice or insight.

I had a ht in January 2020. Shortly after, I began taking 1mg finasteride a day. Didn’t notice any changes in my mood or libido. A few months later, I lowered it to 1mg 3x a week (usually Mon/Wed/Fri). I am 31, single, and haven’t had a sexual interaction in over 3 years. In more recent months though, I’ve been experiencing a total lack of interest in sex and feeling numb, emotionally. No attraction to anyone either.

I do suffer from OCD and have a history of depression. I was even hospitalized at one point. I take Luvox and Lamictal daily but have never felt that they impacted my sex drive.

I recently stopped fin for a month maybe, then started it again, but wondering what could this be? I am overweight and have high cholesterol, but I’m working on it and recently lost 12 pounds (I’m 5’9” and currently about 237 lbs). My doctor said my testosterone and thyroid are fine, but “inflammatory markers” were high, which could be from the Covid vaccine.

Do you think this is finasteride or maybe just worsening of depression? High cholesterol can also be a factor I believe.

My biggest fear is that this is permanent.

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Be very careful about trying to get medical advice from the internet, that goes for people with and without depression. There's alot of bad information that can make your situation worse, and personal stories that can't be generalized to apply to you. Its important to understand there are unique biological factors that go into determining how hair loss progresses in each of us. The best advice is to continue working with your doctors to track and address your issues. Don't burden yourself with trying to sort through what's legit on the internet too.

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