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Covid Positive + Hair Transplant?

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more like if you're positive by then you won't be able to receive the ops, either due to flight or clinic policy.

it's best that you're in good health since being in top condition will help your body recover faster, and heal your head better.

no matter how some people see it as just planting hair, it's still an operation where you will bleed, and anesthesia will make you feel weaker. when you're in top condition you'll be able to recover better.

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4 hours ago, HappyMan2021 said:

There is a slight chance I may have Covid. I have a HT coming up in a few weeks. Is it possible for Covid to negatively affect the HT results? 

Take your test if you are concerned and ask the clinic what their position is.

Basically in the UK, we had to self isolate when the rules were different i think for 10-14 days but now, if anybody is positive but fully vaccinated, they are allowed to go about things as normal. 

You should technically be through the worst parts by the time the transplant swings around and be in the clear. 

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It depends on your local and also clinic policies. If it is few weeks down the line, then you will most likely be negative by then. However, we see cases of Telogen effluvium post covid. Just be aware you may see some shedding in few months attributed to that, which may cause some delay in your perception of results. It may happen , doesn't have to be the case, just be aware of it. Good luck :))

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