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Darling buds clinic tejinder bhatti

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Hey. Got my transplant 5 years back. Decided to share my experience since it might help you. Got the procedure done at darling buds clinic in chandigarh. Thought the whole procedure was a success. The only issue with this place is they pull all donor hair from the same area instead of sporadic spots. With this approach you can't enjoy short hair. I got my 2nd hair transplant in turkey. I needed to fix my hairline since darling buds didnt make a straight or dense front hair line.

Attached are some photos. The 3rd photo is after my 1 st transplant. Hair line is there but missing on the left side. After the 3rd photo is my recent photos. Notice the side of my head the less dense hair. Can't hide it. Just have to ignore it or grow out your hair. Which sucks in the summer.

If I had to do it again I would've went straight to turkey. Tejinder Bhatti charges a premium price and their workers end up batching your hairline and hairs don't point in the same direction. The turkey clinic actually did a hair transplant according to how a guy would his hair to look. Not just put hair in your head and move on to the next patient. Went to hair estetik in turkey. And no I'm not a paid worker posting this. I'm just stating facts I've noticed over the years.  










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1st transplant took finasteride. Killed my libido and quickly got off it after 4 months. 2nd transplant I'm 6 months in. No meds. And the procedure included a prp treatment for the head which i belive it giving me these good results. Will do prp treatments yearly for now on

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I would at least get on topical finasteride if nothing else. A lot of pain and emotion as part of your journey and you need to protect that investment beyond just prp. 5 alpha inhibitors like Finasteride is really the only thing to stop the further progression of baldness. Most men experience no side effects on the topical version. 

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