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Advice on my situation

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Hello im 25 years old. I started losing my hair around 5 years ago. I took finasteride for about 1.5 years now, it  stabilized the hairloss a bit. I contacted HLC and they said i would need about 3500 grafts. Is that the right amount for my situation? Which clinic would you advise me to go. My budget is around 10k euros.












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I think 3500 grafts would make a substantial difference and cosmetic improvement in your case based on the photos you presented.  I also think it’s good that you have been on finasteride for one and a half years and that it seems to have been helping to stabilize your hair loss or at least slow it down to a degree.

My best advice at this point would be to consult a couple surgeons that impress you the most who are recommended by this community and then make a decision based on all the information you’ve collected.

Here are a couple of questions that you can use as a checklist before proceeding with surgery:

1. Have you used this and other forums to research doctors and looked at dozens of examples of hair transplant results posted by both patients and each clinic you are considering?

2. Have you come up with a shortlist of 3 to 5 hair transplant surgeons that you are seriously considering?

3. Have you come up with a list of relevant interview questions that will help you determine whether or not the surgeon(s) you are considering is/are performing state of the art hair transplant surgery and will be able to meet your short and long-term hair restoration goals?

Note that if you need help coming up with a list of interview questions, let me know as this is an important part of the selection process and ensuring you obtain excellent results.

3. Have you consulted each of the doctors on your shortlist?

4. Have you spoken to or met any patients of doctors you are considering for your procedure?

5. Are you making a decision on which doctor will perform your hair transplant surgery based strictly on skill, experience and consistent results or are you basing it strictly based on price and location?

Note that price and location should be the last factors in determining which hair transplant surgeon you select.  Skill, experience and proven results should always trump location and price. Taking longer to save money or traveling is always better than going to somebody strictly because it is convenient.   Choosing based strictly on convenience may result in needing to undergo hair transplant repair surgery   

6. have you developed realistic expectations and learned what you can truly expect from surgical hair restoration even in the best hands?

Note: Developing realistic expectations is important and in order to do so, it’s important that you understand the procedure, how it works, its principles and why most individuals, especially those with advanced balding will never be able to restore a full head of hair.

The above should be a good start In helping you along in your hair restoration journey.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant 

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Rahal Hair Transplant Institute - Answers to questions, posts or any comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice.    All comments are the personal opinions of the poster.  

Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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6 minutes ago, Fue3361 said:

You have a good budget for your case I would say.  As to surgeon, I think you’re best off mentioning where you are willing to travel.

Preferably I would stick with Europe/Turkey.

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