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Does Finasteride help transplanted hair?

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I’ve had two hair transplants, but have been noticing my transplant hair seems to be getting thinner. I was wondering if finasteride or minoxidil help thicken or keep transplanted hair as is? I’ve been on topical finasteride and minoxidil for about 2 months. My hair seems to be getting worse, can’t tell if it’s seasonal shed or the topical, but I’ve been applying it almost everywhere, even on the transplanted hairs. Is there anything that helps with transplant hairs not miniaturizing? 

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Finasteride helps any hair that's vulnerable to DHT by lowering DHT up to 70%. If your doctor took hair outside your safe zone then those hairs are going to continue thinning regardless of where you put them on your head. And there are some unlucky guys that ultimately don't have much of a 'safe zone.'

Any guy getting a hair transplant should try finasteride for at least a year before getting it done. To make sure you don't get side effects, to strengthen existing hairs, and confirm whether its going to help stabilize your overall loss rate. Otherwise you increase the risk of running out of donor hair in the long run.

If you've only been on finasteride and minoxidil for the past two months, better late than never, and you're still in the 'potential initial temporary shed phase.' Not every guy gets a noticeable shed, but it sounds like you may be one that does. Give it a full year to see the full results and for the shed to recover, and document it with pictures for reference.

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