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Dr. Bisanga - 2020 FUE - December 2021


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Dear Forum,

I would like to share my experience – especially as you´ve all advised me on this journey – of my recent HT (Monday - 5/6 days ago) with Dr. Bisanga.

I have decided for Dr. Bisanga due to the stellar reviews as well as the professional impression that the Doctor as well as my patient advisor (Stefan) has left. Luckily, BHR had a free appointment on Monday (13th December) that perfectly accommodated my schedule.

Before the surgery:

Before the surgery I also flew to Belgium in order to have a in-person assessment of my Donor capacity as well as discuss my hair-goals. Initially (as you can see in my thread here where I asked for surgeon recommendations) I planned to do the front hairline as well as the crown – however, after visiting Dr. Bisanga he strongly advised me only to go for the frontline as I still have a solid-ish crown and a HT there could impact the existing there, resulting in no net-gain but wasting valuable donor resources as I am still on the younger side (32). 

Therefore I decided to follow his advice and only go for the front/hairline for an estimate of 2.000-2.200 FUs. He also prescribed me Oral Min that I am now using together with Fin (using already since about 8 yrs with some – unfortunate – off-periods in between) replacing my topical Minox.

The trip to Belgium:

I arrived in Belgium after a short 1.5 hr flight the evening/afternoon before the surgery and checked-in to the Hotel (Cote Vert – not the cheapest in the area highly recommendable – good rooms, stellar service including room service for Dinner etc that proved to be valuable on the day of the surgery) and tried to relax for the last night before the surgery.

The day of the surgery:

The surgery itself took place on Monday starting from 09:30 with the final design of the hairline by Dr. Bisanga. We´ve agreed on a conservative but hairline that he estimated with around 2000 FUs. I initially was set on a bit lower but obviously put more faith in Dr. Bisanga especially considering donor management and a natural look.
After shaving I got a valium shot and then the magic started with the extractions. It seems that Dr. Bisanga only extracted from the right side and the back thus leaving the left side untouched. The extractions were totally painless (everytime I felt a sting I got a new shot) and was only slightly uncomfortable due to the lying position face down. Near the end of the extractions Dr. Kostis took over for the last extractions (back/left back) without any perceivable difference to me compared to Dr. Bisanga himself.

The slits have then been made again solely by Dr. Bisanga and then the technicians started to insert the grafts. Followed by some final pictures and post OP care instructions and post OP care kit then I was on my way to the hotel at around 18:30 PM.

In total we used 2011 Grafts with 403 Singles, 824 Doubles, 745 Triples and 39 4-FUs. I have in general quite thin hair with an average/good donor.

The hotel again was super accommodating to my special needs (additional pillows, …) and I ordered a superb dinner (unfortunately no beer allowed …) via room service and went to bed.

The day after / checkup & trip home:

The next day I got up and prepared myself for checkout and the drive to Dr. Bisanga for the checkup. I supposedly have bled quite a lot during the night as my donor-bandage and the pillow protection was quite bloody (I don´t take any blood thinners etc. so I don´t know the reason for it) as well as the recipient area has developed some thicker, crusty bloody areas. Dr. Bisanga took a good look but did not seem concerned. This was again echoed by my patient advisor / coordinator which calmed me.

It was also a nice touch from my advisor to call me the day after the surgery and check on me as well as that he is staying in touch via Whatsapp and answering each and every question at light speed – very good service!

The trip home was not the most pleasant due to first swelling therefore I was glad when I came home and finally could relax and unwind.

Day 1 to now (Day 5):

The days went by quite un-eventful. I had quite intense swellings that made me look quite funny but beside of that and some “needle pain” on the donor (from day 3 on) nothing worthwhile happened.

I followed the care instructions religiously (Saline spray, Donor cortison cream, Betaisadona spray 1x per day for Donor and recipient) and am now looking forward to day 8 where I am first allowed to shampoo the recipient and massage the scrubs away.

The outlook / next steps:

All in all I am super happy so far and hope that the growth also materializes as expected.

The blood cloths got me a bit worried but as the Doctor is not worried I guess I should also not be.

I am curious how the hairline looks and would also be curious about your opinion here whether it suits me.

I will update this post after I am allowed to wash the scrubs off and then regularly every few weeks.

Thank you all for your advice and for your guidance so far - this forum was really helpful in making my decision

The Pictures:
























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Interesting how different clinics operate. I'm on day 4 and a very gentle amount of shampoo was advised on recipient area. The most gentle of water was used to wash it out.


I'm still very comfortable to keep this light but have been told to slowly increase the pressure each day. 

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2 hours ago, alex85 said:

Look really good😍. Love the hairline design, suits your face very good. Yes indeed there is some crusting, and somewhat more that I usually see. But nothing to worry about iho. Good luck!

Thanks! I was initially set on a bit lower but I guess in the end this is a more "responsible" approach considering age and donor reserves. In the end I fully trust Dr. Bisanga and so far not reason at all to complain.

Regarding the crusting: Yes indeed I supposedly bled more than usual - I freaked out a bit about it and checked countless cases here and on other sources and found from time from time similar crusts without any adverse effect. In addition to Dr. Bisanga not worried I guess I should finally relax about it.

1 hour ago, DCunitee said:

Interesting how different clinics operate. I'm on day 4 and a very gentle amount of shampoo was advised on recipient area. The most gentle of water was used to wash it out.


I'm still very comfortable to keep this light but have been told to slowly increase the pressure each day. 

As per BHR instructions you are until day 7 only allowed to spray the recipient area with Betaisadona-Spray (in addition to Saline Spray every 2 hrs) once per day and gently rinse it with a cup of water. Manual pressure is only allowed from tomorrow (= day 8 ) on - then I guess the crusts will start to come loose.

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A brief Christmas update at Day 11 after surgery:

The scabs came off with soaking in and gently massaging/rubbing on Day 10 now it is only red as to be expected due to my fair skin.

So far I guess I am progressing quite good - minor donor-itching that I battle with Aloe Vera but beside of that nothing major. Still very positively impressed when it comes to Dr. Bisanga and the after-care from the whole team - great experience!


How do you like the hairline? I am still debating with myself whether I should have spend a few grafts more to get the corners more "filled" / the hairline a   tad bit lower I general so I am still second guessing whether I have been too conservative here.




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Dear sulhcg,

thanks for writing your experience with Dr. Bisanga and the whole team, i really appreciate this a lot.

It all looks clean, nice and fine and now the hardest part after the surgery is coming....the waiting process:)

Please take care of your head and  please dont hesitate to ask me anything if needed.

Thanks a lot and if we dont read us before i wish you all the best for 2022 with amazing hairs:)


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