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Fuegenix Hair Clinic, Dr. Munib Ahmad, The Netherlands (2520)


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I hereby share my experience with my HT at Fuegenix hair clinic in Bergen op Zoom.
From the age of 16 I started to get coves.
I'm 31 now and the coves are so in the way that I can't put my hair down normally in a model.
For this reason, I also decided to undergo an HT.

I definitely didn't want to have my HT done abroad.
Have a naturally full head of hair, on behalf of the coves.
I was looking for a clinic that is very personal, has a high density, is professional and where you get a lot of attention (not a clinic where you are just a number)

After a long time reading reviews of different clinics and looking up information about an HT, Fuegenix caught my eye.
The main reason for the doctor's own treatment was where at many other clinics the assistants do it.

Had sent pictures of my coves and crown.
Because it was not possible for me to come by for a consultation at that time, we agreed to call.
My wishes would be filled, my hairline would drop a little bit and the crown would be filled in (the crown is about 0.5cm bald)
The doctor (Munib) said that the coves could be filled in well but that the crown was not necessary and that the hairline should not be lowered because it would look unnatural.
He also told me that at a later age it wouldn't look like the hairline would get lower, which gave me a good feeling (extra grafts are extra money for the company)

Requested a quote, would need between 2000 and 2300 grafts.
Made an appointment to have him do my HT.
On April 13, the time had come.

Arrived at 07:00, was picked up from the waiting area about 15 minutes later.
The doctor drew the hairline and told me again that the hairline shouldn't.
Approximately 2500 grafts will be moved (2520 grafts eventually), grafts I for max 2300.
I don't have to pay extra for this.
Quickly even brought 2 paracetamol.
The doctor started the anesthetic, he put a vibrating plate on the head with he gave the anesthetic.
The anesthesia was not so bad here, it was not pleasant but I had more pain from the dentist's anesthesia than his anesthesia.

After he had removed all grafts from the donor area, we had a short break for lunch.
Meanwhile his assistant had come in separating each graft from 1,2 or 3 grafts.
After the break I was given new anesthetics and the implantation could begin.
Together with his assistant, he placed the grafts one by one.
In the meantime I fell asleep and woke up about 30 minutes before the end (really)
At 16:30 we were ready, we took some new pictures of the end result.
I was neatly given a bag with products in it with all the explanation I needed, so I could go home again.
The bag contained a cool pack, a bottle with spray (0.9% NaCL) and special shampoo









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