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Upping the dose of dutasteride

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Hello I am a wondering if it’s worth upping the dose of medication in an attempt to thicken diffuse thinning hair, I have been on finasteride 1mg for 2 years and recently moved onto dutasteride 0.5mg daily for the last 6 months because I felt like I was losing ground with finasteride. At this point I am at a loss on what I can do, recently ordered 0.5mm dermarollers to try that out as well and have also been using minox for the last 6months

note: I am 28years old now, started noticing my hairline receding at 19, been on meds since 26, I believe I am either a norwood 3v or 4 with most of the hair ontop being diffuse thinned (at this point I’d happily take all the sexual side effects if it made my hair thicker)

tldr; can some peoples hair just be diffuse thinned forever and just held on with medication?

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