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Possible DUPA/ input


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Hi everyone, I’m a 30 year old man and have recently noticed my hair thinned. It’s early and not noticeable yet to others, but I’m paranoid that the back and sides have become thinner too, as they feel less dense. I find that about 15 or so percent of my daily hair fall are much thinner, sometimes shorter hairs, and this has me worried about DUPA hair loss. I bought a hand microscope to look at the hair at the back of my head, and I was wondering if more qualified eyes could offer input on if I have to worry about DUPA or not. All of these photos are different areas from the back of my head (above the nape, below the crown). Thank you! 

note: some of these photos have trace amount of Toppik in them that made its way down to the back of my head.








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Consider also that at any given time you should see 10-15% of hairs that look miniaturized.  That is the normal telogen hair ratio.

In the fall that ratio can increase, leading to seasonal sheds for some people.

To tell for sure you’d need to see a doc like JC mentioned.

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