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Thoughts on KINTOR & Pyrilutamide


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Who knows at this point; the phase 2 results should be published soon which will give a better idea. Hopefully it's a fair bit better than CB and equally as or even more so than finasteride. Even if it's not good enough on it's own, it will be a pretty formidable plan of attack when stacked along side fin in terms of halting further loss.

It's not going to be anything revolutionary though in comparison to what already exists, just perhaps (and hopefully) something that doesn't really go systemic at all and has a very, very minimal side effect profile.

Their AR degrader/PROTAC compound, GT20029, will be more of a revolutionary drug should it pass it's trials and get to market; if it has minimal sides, I think it would pretty much effectively be a cure for those with minimal loss as it should halt loss and maintain what you have for an extremely long time, if not indefinitely. 

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