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  1. Would love to see how your hair looks with a few fibres thrown it - could be flawless! Amazing result so far
  2. Appreciate that advice! I'll hold off on any surgery for a fair while - I've seen way too many knee jerk transplants to know I don't want to be in that category. Any thoughts on Temporary SMP or Hair Systems? Thanks again
  3. I'm gonna take a couple of months off and then go in with a lower dosing. Hattingen is in Switzerland
  4. Hi all, 23 year old Swede here. I've been diffuse thinning for a few years now and its going in a NW5 pattern. I've managed to keep a hold of things with Toppik, Min and Fin but the latter has been causing side effects recently that I can't handle. I've shaved my head to 0 guard multiple times but I really need a frame to my face to pull it off - lucky for me I've got one of those lightbulb heads :( It seems I have three options: a) Try a Hair System (there's a great stylist nearby and it seems a no brainer to at least try it for a few months) b) Go for SMP (a bit iffy on this - on a bare scalp (esp for a white man) I'm not sure its for me) c) Wait till I'm 26 and get a Hair Transplant to pair with an smp treatment to give a permanent looking buzz d) Wait till I'm 26 and a Hair Transplant for a receeded but nice look I'm really curious about what this forum might suppose the best option is. My financial situation is good and any of these treatments are not out of the question. Many many thanks in advance, Trin