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Berkay Tulpar clinic Istanbul, Nov. 2021, 4500+ grafts


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Dear all,

I would like to post a honest review about the FUE I recently had in Istanbul at Berkay Tulpar clinic. I am suprised that nobody wrote a single review about them given that they seem to have a quite number of patients.

I am in my early 30's and after following advice of several people I know (all of them being happy with the results), I decided to book a slot and have a surgery without doing too much research (yeah I know not the smartest idea). 

Was losing hair since early 20's, but decided to wait to be at least 30 years old to do any intervention. Been using Minoxidil several years ago, but had an itchy and dry skin so I gave up. Never wanted to use Finasteride. 

As you can see below on the first pic, my hair was heavily receding last years and I was safely going towards NW5-NW56. Those light and tiny hairs in the middle were very transparent and losing the battle obviously.

I was aware that there was a quite huge area to cover and they offered me 4500+ grafts in one session (now I know it's not a good idea to have such a huge session in one day).

I am also aware that most likely I will need another surgery in future to cover the rest + what will fall in the coming years if donor area will allow.

Some observation of  the clinic and my experience:

  • They do have a more patients per day what is definitely not the advantage and goes into category of hairmills (I would say in range of Serkan Aygin)
  • Berkay Tulpar is involved in consultations, drawing the lines, opening the channels while rest is done by technicians
  • In my case there were in total three technicians (two working on extracting/injecting the grafts and one preparing the grafts)
  • Surgery took approximately 9 hours (without calculating consultation time and discussing hairline)
  • They also used DHI, but not sure on which areas (more on the crown as I had a chance to see)
  • They are not so detailed as I could see in other posts from higher level clinics and doctors in terms of taking care where singles, doubles, triplets go, etc.
  • They didn't give detailed analysis of donor area and statistics about grafts so to be honest I am not sure about exact number of grafts being transplanted (they gave me some kind of report and certificate + guarantee but I am not fully convinced).
  • There seemed quite well organized and everything was well timed without having any time wasted. Also everything from their end was correct as agreed that I can't say.
  • After care was good and also well organized (first wash, PRPs, etc.)
  • Focus was more on front area rather than crown so we agreed to put most of grafts there and rest of it on crown.

I was thinking a lot about the decision I've made and knowing all I know now, I would most likely go to a clinic recommended by hair transplant network knowing that they do less grafts, but quality is much higher. Also in that case I would probably need more sessions to achieve the desired result.

I believe so far it's going ok, but there's still some kind of nervousness in me knowing that grafts could have been used better in more famous clinics.

I can't really say anything about the results as it's too early, but would appreciate the feedback from some more experienced forum members. 

I will be posting the progress each several months to keep community informed.

Photo before the surgery:


10th day:


11th day donor area:






14th day


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Honestly looks pretty decent, except for the 2nd last picture.


I cant tell for sure, but looks to me that the temple implanted hair directions are wrong.  They seem to be facing forwards instead of down/backwards?  

always a concern getting temporal work at a lower end clinic as the angles and direction is quite hard to master.  Then again, I could be completely wrong here.


can someone more knowledgeable add their 2 cents?  Maybe @Melvin- Moderator

Check out my journey here:


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