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Has anyone heard of Dr Habib (Pakistan)

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Hi all,

My dad has come across a Dr from Pakistan called Dr Habib. I've heard nothing from him. And I don't want my dad to get a transplant from him, because I've not heard of him. And frankly I'm not too impressed from what I've seen from him. Can someone here please tell me about him.


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Never heard of him. Show your dad the forums recommended list:


No point In taking any risks, how’s your own search going ? I know a few Drs turned you down and have you have started fin ? 


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1 hour ago, 53short said:

Yes sir I've started Fin. Is there a sort of monthly chart (Sounds ridiclous) of exactly how the process of Fin is for most people? Also I've got a response from Dr Yaman. Would you pick Dr Turan or Dr Yaman if you had the option?

Dr Turan & Dr Yaman would be miles ahead of everyone you mentioned before.

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