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After FUE how soon did you go to get your haircut?

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Hey guys, just wondering after an FUE, when did you first go back after to your barber? I had a partial FUE so did not shave it all. I want to go at the end of this week, it's been 2 months now.

I've been told I can go but only scissor cut and for the back and sides only trim to the back and sides to a grade 3/4 - which is fine by me, my hair is just really messy now as for 2 months I didn't cut my hair and as mentioned I did partial FUE so I have alot of hair in a very wavy messy way right now being 2 months

Anyone been in a similar position to me and did a haircut? Did you just go with scissors?

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At this point, you can do anything you want to your hair aside from getting it sunburned. If you want to be safe scissor cut but it's not going to hurt anything to use clippers on the sides and back. 

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Bosley 11-2016 FUE - 1,407 grafts

Dr. Diep 09-2017 FUE - 2,024 grafts

Dr. Konior 03-2020 FUE - 2,076 grafts

Dr. Konior 09-2021 FUE - 697 scalp to scalp, FUE - 716 beard to beard Total scalp FUE - 6,204 grafts 

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