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New Patient Looking For Advice


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Hello community!

I am a 29 year old male (NW 3/4) who is looking for an FUE transplant. A researcher myself, I know that reviews online can be misleading and can be bought. I was wondering if anyone on this platform could suggest a LEGITIMATE surgeon or facility in Turkey or the UK. I have looked in COSMEDICA and Capiclinic, both seem to have very mixed reviews online and on here.

Budget is around £4-5 K. 

Thank you!

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The clinics which are actually proven and also doing consistent work are HLC, Pekiner, Dr Bicer & Dr Keser. Or the more affordable choices of Dr Demirsoy and Dr Yaman. Pretty much all others are hair mills or poor quality clinics. 
You could consider ASMED if you choose the top option where Dr Erdogan does some of the work. 
Being in the Uk myself your not going to afford a decent clock with a £5k budget. Dr Arshad is probably the best for affordability at £3 per graft.

How about Europe ? Some really good options starting around €2 per graft. It’s also worth it saving it up to get the Clinic/Dr that’s suitable for our needs. 

How is your current situation? Are you on any meds? Can you show us some pics?

Thanks 🙏

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As John says.

Dr Bicer 1,5 euro per graft

Dr Demirsoy 1,25 euro per graft

Dr Yaman 1 euro per graft(Would not recommend for 3500+ grafts because they do not use loops while extracting, they have some bad cases with donor management here)

FueCapilar Dr Gur & Dr Turan 1 euro per graft(abit unproven, not many reviews but are doing 1 patient per day and looks to be serious contender to be the most bang for buck, just need some more reviews)

These are the ONLY options for Turkey on a budget, dont even look at something else.

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