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Does anyone have any recommendations or advice regarding pre-HT blood tests?

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Hi all, i'll be heading over to Portugal in a few months to have my HT, but I need to get a blood test to screen for the following diseases beforehand: 

- Complete blood count (including platelet count)

- Serology (HIV1, HIV2, VHC, VHB)

- Coagulation (PTT, INR)

- Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium)

I'm in the UK, so this is one for anyone over this side of the pond really, but any ideas what the best route is to get these tests completed? I imagine it's going to be ridiculously expensive to test for all of these, something that is confirmed by @Rolandas (who went to a different but nearby Dr in the same country) when I saw him say it would've cost him over £500 or something around that mark in one of his videos if I remember correctly?

Can it potentially be done on the NHS, or if not, any idea of the cheapest way to go about it? I'll obviously just cough up whatever it is in the end, but I'd rather not pay a stupid amount for some blood tests if I can help it.


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