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Pain/pressure after FUE

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I had a fue hair transplant on August 31. Today is day 5 post op and I’m feeling pressure/pain in the back of my neck and head. I began feeling this pressure/pain in my neck towards the end of the transplant when the final grafts were being placed. I have felt it pretty constantly every day since. The pain/pressure is most concentrated directly behind my ears, my left one in particular, but I feel it throughout the back of my head, sides, and at times my forehead as well. In general the left side of my head hurts the most. I feel it if my head is unsupported, but it is worse when I am trying to rest my head on a pillow or my neck on a neck pillow. This has made it difficult to sleep. I’ve tried ice packs, warm compresses, massaging, ibuprofen and naproxen. 

I have removed the donor area scabs, so it is not related to that.

Anyone experience something similar? Any recommendations? 

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