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Scalp Stretches

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I've been told I have average laxity and that to help get the best yield it would be good to do some scalp stretching a few months prior to surgery. 

I've seen H&W's stretching videos and have been told to do as much stretching as possible.

BUT I'm really struggling to stay consistent with it and don't feel like it's doing much. 

Has anyone else experience this and did you find stretching was effective and any tips on how to do it / how to stay disciplined about it?



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I've heard scalp stretches do work if you do them regularly for a few months prior to the surgery. Not only does it allow the Dr to get a wider strip (and thus more grafts), but it also makes the closure easier with less tension which results in thinner scars. Hopefully that will give you some motivation to do them. Just do it while watching TV or something where you won't even really think too much about it while doing it.


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