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Scabs and hairs fall after HT

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Hello to you al 

I did my HT for 3 days (6-8.8) 12 days ago ,4300 grafts. 

The clinic instructions are:  Shampoo twice a day with a Gentle massage on the recipient area. and Before I do the Shampoo to apply special oil from the clinic that soaks and soften the scabs and the scalp. 

I follow this instructions every day . But yesterday (11 days post OP) when i made gently  massage the oil  in my hair before the shampoo - I saw that  a lot of  Scabs fall out,  But with the scabs a lot of small hairs fall out as well and stick to my fingers that did the massage . when i do the shampoo afterwards and again with a gentle massage i  can see again some hairs fall out and stick to my fingers and when i wash with water some hairs falls as well. 

The Scalp looks clean and fine , no signs of bleeding or any injury.

I am in a  concern about the hairs that fall out while doing the massage and shampoo.  I Asks for advice from your experience:

Does it a normal that the hairs  fall out with the scabs and while doing the massage   in this period post op or  the massage i did  make the implanted grafts to fall out? 

Thanks  a lot Guys.





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It is perfectly normal for the hair to come out with the crusts...it is the graft hair (stubbles), that is attached to the crusts/scabs.

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