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3 Month Hair Transplant Review (Part 1 Of 5)

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Sorry first post on here not use to the layout 



3 month hair transplant review 

Clinic: Asli Tarcan 

Method: FUE

Amount of Grafts: 5K

Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: 1700$ USD

RATE: Everything was great except managing my donor area and overharvesting 

3 months ago I got a hair transplant in turkey with asli tarcan, the trip was nice and the experience in turkey was great.
The clinic was very nice and very clean and the staff were all super nice plenty of beautiful people, they have 3 different sections in there building Dental, Skin care and Cosmetics and then rooms for the transplant ( aFrom What I Saw). 
The transplant i got was 5K grafts and the procedure was 8 hours and the only painful thing was the lidocaine injections, when they were finshing up on top the lidocaine started to wear off and i could feel the sticking and poking.

After they finsihed i asked one of the technicans how many Grafts just to be sure and sure tolcd mke 5000 so imma go with her words (the one that was extracting the grafts was counting in Turkish so im pretty sure it's accurate they had two tecnicans through the whole procedure (maybe 3 im not sure i was facing down most of the time) after that they wrapped up my head full of ointemnt and covered up my donor aerea. Day 3 i got the bandages removed and my donor area was looking pretty pink, after that they washed my hair and i went back everyday to get a wash since i stayed in tuirkey for a whole week.

Week 2 my scabs came off after washing them and the results looked really goood but i knew they werent gonna last more then a month so i enjoyed it then and got ready for the dreadful shed.

Week 3 im notcing my donor area isnt healing up too good and stared looking up oveerharvesting signs and to narrow this paragraph down, pretty much i got 5 months to actulally let my donor area heal to final results ( going into month 3 and I'm going to go with its definitely overharvested)

Month 1 my hair sheds and most of the transplanted hair falls out back to the basics.

month 2  walking around bald pretty much

month 3 slow growth and I let my hair grow out for 3 weeks, the donor fills in a little but it obviolusy thinner hopefully my hair can thicken up, I've seen some results where it takes a while but it comes back nicely i really hope mine has room for recovery but thing to do is wait. (Will get SMP in future if needed) (Don't make my mistakes to sum it up).

Time line with pictures 

Oct-Dec Minoxidil and Micro Needling 


January Start Finnasteride

April 25th transplant

May 6th. Day 14 i washed scabs off

May 12. Week 3 donor still beat

 Month 1. May 20th Shed

Early April Month 2 Whole Shed i cut my hair

Month 2 later growth  out a while then cut again

Month 3


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Interesting. I haven't been on this forum for long, but It looks like they may not have harvested 5000 grafts, it looks a lot lower than that to me. I would wait for others to weigh in on your pics though, as I am no expert in the field, and have yet to have my first transplant. 

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@Gary Struthers

I'm pretty positive they harvested 5k from my donor area (given how harvested it is now) and I really wanna say I think they implanted a majority of those grafts it was really densely packed after the procedure kinda like a sunflower seed pattern in the plant but yeah others opinions would definitely help 

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