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Unshaven FUE, Dr Harun - Istanbul - 2021


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Hi everybody,

I came back from my 2ndHT (hair transplantation) from Istanbul two weeks ago and would like to reflect on my experiences with Dr. Harun. My 1stHT was done in 2015 at Dr. Bicer in Istabul, Turkey.

Review 1. HT

- 1stHT (FUE) at Dr. Bicer in 2015

- Age: 33 years

- Status back then: NW3V

- Organization and consultation from patient advisor Özdemir Soudka was very good

- the HT was carried out well, about 3,000 grafts were transplanted

- Result of the HT was good, as I would have liked a higher density. To be fair, Dr. Bicer pointed out to me at the time that a 2ndHT could be necessary in the future and that she doesn’t want to take out too many grafts

2015 - 2021

- my status became worse from year to year (slowly but noticeably)

- this was on the one hand due to the slow but progressive hereditary hair loss, on the other hand (not many, but a few) of the transplanted hairs fell out again. Due to the lack of density, my status became increasingly unsatisfactory

- the decision to carry out a 2ndHT was made in spring 2021

Decision for expert 2021

- when choosing the right expert, I had two priorities: It should be an established expert who carries out the HT WITHOUT complete shaving. I only had 2 weeks of vacation and it was important to me that my employer had no knowledge of the HT

- according to my research, two providers came into question for the HT: Dr. Harun in Istanbul and HLC in Ankara, whom insisted on shaving the donor area during the HT

- the communication with Dr. Harun was carried out again via Özdemir Soudka, who had already successfully supported me at Dr. Bicer as a patient advisor

- since HTC in Ankara could not fulfill my appointment request, I decided to go with Dr. Harun

- in addition, Özdemir Soudka gave me a good feeling that Dr. Harun was a very good choice and he was an established expert, especially in regards to the method I was looking out for (HT without shaving).

Review HT 2021

Key facts:

- Age: 38 years

- 2ndHT

- c. 2,000 grafts

- Implementation: FUE without shaving

- Aim of the HT: Compression of the clear head areas (primarily front head area and tonsure)


- Dr. Harun's clinic is located in a busy city district and is very modern

- all discussions, the preparation as well as the implementation take place completely in the clinic

- Dr. Harun has a permanent team of 3 employees who support him during the HT

- the team is very well rehearsed, sympathetic and has been working together for several years


- the organization and implementation is to be rated as "very good", to the details:

- Dr. Harun carried out the essential parts of the HT himself (removal of the hair and setting of the channels), the team finally inserted the grafts

- the anesthesia was much more pleasant than with Dr. Bicer since smaller needles were used in the first step of the procedure

- The removal of the grafts is much more complex during an unshaven HT, as Dr. Harun removes the hair and cuts off /shortens it at the same time

- the setting of the channels is also more complex, since it is a compaction with simultaneously existing scalp hair. The expert must keep a steady hand and a very good overview. What impressed me: Dr. Harun works very concentrated for hours and carries out the essential steps himself.

- also the team worked very clean and concentrated

- Timing – the HT was started around 9.30 a.m. and was completed around 8.00 p.m.

- I had no problems after the operation, i.e. I had dinner in the hotel and slept comparatively well (with neck pillow)


- the check-up the next day was carried out by Dr. Harun, who personally washed my hair

- for aftercare, only a shampoo and a care foam were prescribed


- the first days after the operation went very well

- the last crusts have fallen off after 10 days at the latest

- after about a week, the HT was no longer recognizable, so the goal of discrete execution was fully fulfilled

I will post updates on the current status at regular intervals and look forward to comments.

Best regards,







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Good luck. Looks nice.

I'm interested myself in the unshaven FUE although my hair is much shorter than yours. If forum rules allows, can you tell us the clinic name pls or how can we get in touch with the assistant?


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2 hours ago, translator said:

Good luck. Looks nice.

I'm interested myself in the unshaven FUE although my hair is much shorter than yours. If forum rules allows, can you tell us the clinic name pls or how can we get in touch with the assistant?


The clinic name is in the title: Kozamet. He also mentions the Drs name. 

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On 8/2/2021 at 10:39 PM, JohnAC71 said:

Thanks for posting. Question… are you on Fin/Minox ? 

Yes, I have been using Minox since my first HT in 2015. I'm also thinking about starting to use Fin to support my future hair status. 

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I’ve been alerted by other forum administrators that this doctors name is suddenly appearing.

A question, why do you mention the translators name and his agency? It’s very strange that you would include that in the title. 

In my experience, it’s one of two things either this review is written by someone other than the patient i.e, the agency, or this patient was paid or incentivized in some way.  

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I’m a paid admin for Hair Transplant Network. I do not receive any compensation from any clinic. My comments are not medical advice.

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