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How to speak fluent Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and any other language in 1 day

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Okay, so this is for those who are thinking of travelling to a foreign country to get your HT done.

Obviously language is going to be a barrier since many people speak no English, or broken Englsih.

You download an app called 'Deepl'. Its available on android and iPhone.

Whats amazing about this app is you can speak English into it and it automatically translates into a different language.

You then press the sound button and the app speaks out whatever you just translated into the language of your choice.

You can then have that person respond verbally into the Deepl app, and the app then translates what that person said back into English.

You can have amazing, quick conversations with people.

I tried on a freind who is Mandarin and he was amazed how well it worked.

The only drawback with the app is it needs access to WiFi.

So you'd have to be on your carrier WiFi travel plan, or use hotel or other free local WiFi.


You're welcome 👍


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