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Female repair with Hattingen (FUE and FUT)


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I am female and had increasingly high receding hairlines, which I tried to correct with hair transplants in Switzerland and the UK. Unfortunately, these were unsuccessful (a hairline that was set too low with a geometric unnatural shape, many multiple follicles in the first row, wide FUT scars on the back of the head; the transplanted hair was so traumatized that it became black, thick and coarse; my natural hair is light brown, smooth and very think; the hair was transplanted at a 90 degree angle so that it stands up and does not naturally fall to one side).

I then came across Hattingen Hair via a positive review that I found in a forum. I received feedback on my email very fast and was able to quickly arrange an initial consultation. I immediately felt at home in the practice. I have not been made false promises as I have had many ill-placed grafts, but that we will try to solve the problem together.

This was followed by several small sessions of meticulous extractions using FUE on my hairline with the hair transplanted backwards. Unfortunately, a lot of hair grew back, probably because the other surgeons placed the follicles too deeply. Then 1600 follicles were extracted in a FUT session in order to create a new hairline. The first results can now be seen with the growth of very fine hairs (similar to my natural hair).  Unfortunately, my hairline could not be lifted because I got scars from the other transplants. At the moment I am still very concerned whether the result will be natural (my biggest worry is that I will have a geometrically round hairline again), but I just have to be patient and will provide another update in about a year‘s time  when the end result can be evaluated.

The Hattingen Hair Team went out of their way to give me the most natural result possible. The quality of the transplants is excellent (soft hair that is set at a very good angle, no pitting or the like), which is also due to the very well-trained, professionally working technicians. The entire team is very friendly, has always made me feel comfortable in the practice (especially since the subject of unsuccessful hair transplants creates a feeling of shame) and has spared no effort to adapt to my rhythm as a shift worker (washing my hair on Sundays too,  always answering WhatsApp messages with worries / questions quickly).

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