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FUT June 2021 USA

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I wanted to share my experience with a recent hair transplant and also get some input. I'm waiting for more time to pass to share the business name.

I started noticing my hairline receding several years ago and in response, started growing my hair out in an attempt to hide it. I'm just shy of 30 and have been considering a hair transplant for some time. I never took/still don't take any medications as I didn't want the potential side effects/the life long cost. (I was recommended during the surgery to start fin) I take biotin and a multivitamin daily. 

I was originally going to get a transplant in Turkey but started reading more about the potential complications with my hair type using the FUE method so I looked into the USA for a FUT. I now know, due to what I believe are grafts that have fallen out, my hair grows straight under the skin and isn't curly.

Here are the pictures I provided for my virtual consult. 






I was told they could provide 30% to 40% density 1/3 to 1/2 of the scalp, up to 6,000 hairs and they were known for a virtually undetectable suture line. The business has tons of videos posted online of real patients so I know they produce results so I made an appointment.

The actual procedure was painless after the very painful shots all around my head. The technicians were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. There were several moments during the procedure a technician would whisper something to the doctor that made me a little concerned but besides that I was done with the procedure around 1pm.

These were taken a few hours after the procedure.




These were taken the following day. Take a look at the back of my head. You can see how high up the strip was removed and looks like it was through an area that was already losing hair. Is it normal to remove the strip this high?



I followed all of the instructions provided. I sprayed the grafts every few hours for the two days with a saline solution. Every time I did this, random spots on my head would start bleeding. I got my head wet with soapy water on the fourth day and after looking in the mirror, it looked like a lot of the grafts had pushed up from the scalp and were now more exposed. It looked like they absorbed the water I was pouring on my head. I could clearly see hairs sticking through these pieces of tissue. One was laying on my head so I took it off and the hair was surrounded by tissue with no bulb. 

Photos after first wash




I just cut my hair (with extreme caution) as I was becoming more paranoid about the procedure. I was told I received close to 5,000 grafts and I had great density at 180 hairs per cm2 which I don't think is correct. I asked to know how many total grafts I had and of what count and was reminded they only go by hairs. This is what I currently look like. 




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