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Are implanter pens better for people with coarse straight hair?

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I read an article that said that implanter pens tend to be more effective for Asian patients due to their naturally coarse straight hair. Does it still hold true that implanter pens work better with those specific hair characteristics? The reason I'm asking is because I was looking at some results from the top Spanish doctors and I was really impressed by the work they were putting out. It turns out that most of them if not all of them are using an implanter pen. 

Obviously, the better doctor will generally produce better results but it also does seem like certain doctors work better with certain hair characteristics (such as afro hair). If all other factors are equal, would an implanter pen give better results for patients like me with straight coarse hair? Does the implanter pen make a significant difference in graft survival rate in patients that are well suited for it? Seems like there are so many great Spanish docs right now all using the implanter pen and I have to wonder if part of it is the technique.

So my question is does the implanter pen make a statistically significant difference when dealing with patients with coarse straight hair? Should I put any weight to the tool at all if even to serve as a tie breaker between clinics?

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