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At 12 weeks post op. 2300 grafts fue. Is hairline too low and temporal peaks neglected?

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Hi. At 12 weeks. Getting very fine hair coming through.

Last 3 pictures are from 1 week post op roughly to view without swelling, and most are 1 day post op.

I’ve recently read about temporal peaks and hairline. Do you think my hairline is too low? and should the temporal peaks have been addressed?

i know there’s nothing I can do now, but may I have to get this fixed?

Bottom line, does this look like a bad job or ok?

total 2300 grafts roughly. 

Dr said that this hairline was good and would make me look young. Just raising questions to myself reading and viewing other posts.


thanks in advance!


*nb staying at a mates house for a bit, hence the kids room lol








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