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Hair density/thickness need help NW5

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Is it Possible  thicken hairs that are too fine and therefore invisible?.  Could they at least get thin and visible?. Asked a longer version of this question already in other forums but without the answer i'm looking for. Suffer from very aggressive male pattern baldness and i'm Currently at norwood 5 scale. All My hairs are now fine so scalp is visible.  My scalp and My hair looks a bit different in a room with ligth bulb though. Heard Minoxidil could increase thickness by 15 percent.

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I'm not convinced follicles and hairs can be thickened.

Things like minoxidil and fin seem to have the effect of preventing shedding, which collectively makes hair look thicker.  But in reality it is just more hair, not thicker hair strands.

No expert on it though.

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