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Hair transplant advice/ questions

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Is hair transplant or artificial implant an option if you are destined to reach NW6/NW7?. Or would be a waste and end up  with bad coverage?. I Know nw7 is a problem due to limited donor area. I probably have the fastest type of hair loss as i'm at  Nw5  7 months after hair loss started.  Can hair follicles harvested from donor area die? I started taking Finasteride too  late at nw4.  Should i wait until i'm 25  Even if go slick bald.

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Artificial implant?  No, that's not a thing.  If you're a NW5 before 25 then you probably have aggressive MPB.  Be careful with HT's, you may regret in your 30's and 40's when you have lost even more native hair. 

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